Stephen Thompson Wants Rematch With Tyron Woodley

UFC 205 this past November featured plenty of great battles inside of the Octagon, but only one bout one “fight of the night” -- the majority draw between UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley and challenger Stephen Thompson.

Thompson, now a month-plus removed from the bout, wants a rematch with the champ at UFC 209.

“There was no winner to the fight, so let’s just say it didn’t even happen,” said Thompson, who was backstage at UFC 206. “I know he’s calling out other guys, but I know I’m the right guy to face him.”

The one thing that can ruin the potential rematch for Thompson is the returning Nick Diaz, who Woodley has been calling out for a fight.

“Tyron was saying right before he started calling out Nick that he has unfinished business with me,” he said. “My management company’s talking with the UFC. We’re hopefully looking at something probably in February or early March. That’s the plan. It would be cool to fight at UFC 209. That would be awesome for pay-per-view for both of us.”

Neither Thompson or Woodley have fought since their meeting at UFC 205 and neither of them have another fight announced.

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