Team Alpha Male Announces New Sponsorship Deal


The Uriajh Faber run Team Alpha Male out of California has signed a sponsorship deal with Mountain Lion Aviation, which is also based out of California.

This deal will allow Team Alpha Male to start up its own discretionary bonus program, give away training scholarships, start funds for the coaches salary, begin a life skills training program and various counseling services.

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Also, the deal will also allow the team to use Mountain Lion Aviation services to provide complimentary flight for fighters, trainers and various other people to and/or from MMA events.

Urijah Faber recently appeared on The MMA Hour to discuss this new deal.

“[Wilkinson] (owner own Mountain Lion Aviation) stepped up big-time with a substantial sponsorship for our team,” Faber said, “including salaries for our coaches, which, we’ve always been a self-funded team where the guys pitch in and pay cash to pay for the coaches. Now we’ll be able to staff, put guys on, make them more comfortable so they can be hands-on a lot more, spend more time with the fighters, be more involved and make the scene even better. We’ll have a scholarship program now,” Faber continued. “We’ve got a little bit of a recruiting budget and we have guys that we’re trying to pull in and build the team throughout, from 105-pound girls to the heavyweight guys. We’ve been looking to grow the team and make the best team in the world through and through. He’s also incorporating a discretionary bonus system, which has kind of gone away with the new ownership with the UFC. You may end up with a check in your mailbox — that’s the way it used to be with the UFC. We’re incorporating something very similar here, and it’s pretty cool. We already had our first round of our established guys getting rewards, which was pretty cool for them and helped out a lot. ... And the last part is we have our own aviation partnership now, so private flights for fight-related things, for friends and family and teammates while we’re going across the west coast on the fight scene, so it’s pretty cool.”

Besides the aforementioned benefits of the sponsorship deal, another huge benefit is that the deal allows for a smoother transition for the team as they shift to a new training facility.

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