Total Divas Recap: Bryan's Depression, Maryse Calls Nattie A Bad Sport

It’s after WrestleMania 32 and the Women’s Championship is what is on everyone’s mind. New storylines are coming and the women are excited! Nattie is concerned that Maryse is back at Raw and she is not wanting Maryse to take her TV time. Nattie confronts Maryse, and Maryse won’t tell her if she is back full time. Maryse calls Nattie a bad sport. Maryse is indeed back and ready to take with women’s division by storm.

Nikki and Brie talk about them getting the cover of Latina Magazine. Brie wants to try and push the shoot because Brie is ovulating and Brie and Daniel are trying for kids. Nikki throws in her two cents and says it might not be the best time for them because of their careers with their photo shoots and Birdie Bee launch.

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Renee, Nattie and Trinity are out to eat and talk about Nattie’s run for the Women’s Championship against Charlotte. Nattie complains about how often Lana calls her and then Lana shows up at their meal. Lana reveals that she did a tilt showing a little too much off at a house show. Lana asks Nattie for help at the Performance Center and Nattie doesn’t seem enthusiastic, even though Lana is totally putting her over for being so good in the ring.

Mark tells Nattie that if she doesn’t have a good match with Charlotte they will have to bring in another women’s wrestler. Not fair pressure on her there at all. Paige and Seth Green watch the match from backstage. (Where did Seth Green come from?) Nattie delivers a great match and it is implied that she will not have another wrestler brought into her storyline.

Trinity talks about how close the shooting at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando affected her. She says that it was one of her spots that she hung out with and wants to be supportive of everyone. Trinity and her uncle go the memorial at the nightclub. She is truly impacted and overwhelmed by the tragedy and seeing the familiar faces in the photos at the memorial. Trinity talks to a friend who was in Pulse when the shooting happened. It is obviously a difficult conversation that inspires Trinity to do some work around the community. Trinity does a vigil for LGBT and Pulse and gives a beautiful speech.

Lana and Nattie go to the Performance Center and Lana tries to show Nattie her entrance she’s been working on. Nattie tells her that she loves it just so they can move on. Lana goes back to Nattie’s house and gets introduced to Nattie’s parents. Lana says she wants to learn shot put and Jim says he will teach her. The two go out to the front yard for some training. Jim is impressed by Lana’s skills while Nattie complains about Lana to her mom. Lana then launches a shot put into the front windshield of Nattie’s car! Lana is terrified of Nattie’s reaction. Poor Lana starts crying for real and Nattie is not being sympathetic at all. Lana just wants her to be her friend and Nattie is being a toad. Later, during Nattie’s match against Dana Brooke, Lana is watching the match and sees that Dana stole her move. This frustrates Lana to tears and Nattie is supportive of her but does still say that Lana drives her crazy. What frustrates me as a viewer, is that Nattie is being hard on Lana and easily annoyed by her when it is clear to me that Lana is just trying desperately to get Nattie’s approval and friendship. Hopefully Nattie can have some patience with her in the future.

Nikki and Brie have their Birdie Bee meeting. Nikki takes control and says that her and Brie will stay there another day to do an event. It upsets Brie because she is ovulating and wants to go home to Bryan to do some baby making. Brie feels like Nikki doesn't care. Nikki convinces Brie to talk to Bryan about having kids to see if he is really ready.

Brie is finally back with Bryan and Brie talks to Bryan about him being ready to be a dad. She wants to see if Bryan is really ready to have kids and that Brie isn’t pushing him. Bryan says he does have concerns. Bryan is concerned that his depression is a lifelong thing and doesn’t want to have a deep depression when they do have kids. The idea of having kids excites him and he is wanting kids as bad as Brie and is ready to try.

Next week we get to find out about Maryse buying stuff she doesn’t need, a provocative Brie photo shoot, and Trinity learning how to ride a motorcycle. This show is much more entertaining than Total Bellas in that we get a lot of fun, memorable moments. Looking forward to next week! Catch Total Divas Wednesday nights on E! Channel.

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