Triple H has confirmed reports that he's interested in having Conor McGregor appear for WWE.

As reported Monday afternoon, Triple H is the main name behind the scenes at WWE pushing to bring in the UFC Lightweight and Featherweight Champion. Triple H expanded on his views of McGregor when he spoke to the Telegraph.

"He could come over, he's got it all, man - he's got the personality, the skills, the talk. He's an entertainer, for sure. What does he walk around at? 180lbs? I have smaller guys now in the WWE. We have 200lb guys who are stars. You don't need to be 300lbs any more," said Triple H.

The former WWE Champion Triple H was in attendance Saturday night to watch McGregor capture the UFC Lightweight title. He thinks if Floyd Mayweather could work a match in WWE, so could McGregor.

"He could do just as well as Floyd Mayweather when he fought the Big Show. That really worked. Conor could do it for sure," said Triple H. will have more on the McGregor - WWE situation this week.

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