You think I'm cute. I know I'm sexy. I didn't know how else to write a lead for a superkick in MMA.

That happened at Friday night's LFA event, and he even used it as a finish! He didn't "kill the business!"

Kevin Wirth did kill Isaiah Gutierrez's hopes of gaining a victory at LFA 33, and did so in insane fashion, with his own rendition of "Sweet Chin Music." You can see the video above.

We've seen superkicks in the past, perhaps most notably by Shannon Ritch on a regional event. Shawn Michaels may refuse to come out of retirement and Gentelman Chris Adams might not be with us any longer, but the superkick is being kept alive in pro wrestling AND MMA.

The win moved Wirth to 5-0 as a pro mixed martial arts fighter, and likely helped put him on the radar in the Flyweight division.

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