WrestleMania Bingo?

WrestleMania 37 is just around the corner, and it promises to be a great event even if fans are not there in huge numbers.

Sadly, even a colossus company such as WWE has suffered from the recent pandemic, with the atmosphere of the big event snatched away without fans in the stadiums. Big finisher moves, shock plot twists and spine-tingling entrances are made by the fan reaction, none more so than at an event such as WrestleMania.

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Whilst PPV figures prop up the WWE business model, much of their USP is based around those magical moments of pure theater, fueled by the fans. There will be some in attendance at the event according to the Tampa Bay Times, up to 25,000, but it will still mean many have to watch along at home, making their own atmosphere.

Of course, even a fully attended WrestleMania would see a huge audience at home, and those who do choose to watch will doubtless want to add some excitement and interest, especially in the current climate. It is likely some will be watching along without their friends, possibly using video conferencing to create the right atmosphere. If that is you, it may be you turn to a game like WWE SuperCard, or play on WWE 2K20 on your console. However, if you wish to add some spice to the event why not also try a round of WrestleMania bingo to bring you and your friends together?

What is WrestleMania bingo? Well, it is a fun game you can play at home, based on real-life bingo. If it is a game you are not familiar with, then Foxy Bingo have a variety of guides to help you familiarize yourself with the game. And the popular platform also shows how the modern game is very adaptable and in tune with pop culture trends – so why not wrestling? Essentially, you have a card with random numbers up to either 75 or 90 printed on, and a central caller then draws the numbers at random. If you fill your card before everyone else, you are a winner.

How can that possibly transfer across to wrestling, we hear you ask? For a major event such as WrestleMania, you will be watching and listening to the same feed like everyone else. So, if you pick events, moments and the like as your bingo card numbers, and make some cards for you and your friends, you can mark them off as you go along.

You will need between upwards of 50 events to mark off, and this is where you need to be creative. There are a few obvious ones, such as ‘match ends with a finisher’, ‘wrestler disqualified’ and so on, but try to think outside the box. What about looking in the crowd for a placard for a particular wrestler, or maybe hearing a ‘Roman sucks’ chant as he takes to the ring for the main event triple threat match?

Try to think about the commentators too, which WrestleMania events of the past are they likely to mention? You could have ‘The Streak’ as one possible occurrence, or WrestleMania 2000 as Edge’s debut. The key here is to be creative, vary the outcomes and have enough to fill cards randomly.

Once you have done, pick maybe 20 for each card at random and send them out to your friends. Then, on April 10, fire up the video call, sit back with your chips, soda and dips and watch the events unfold, marking off each occurrence on your card. The first of you and your friends to fill their card wins. It might be nice to have a prize for the winner too, just to add a bit of extra interest.

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