Wrestling and Nursing: Research on The Connection


Wrestling is a great way to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. It has many physical benefits. However, despite the increased physical benefits, it can pose quite a danger to one’s health if you become negligent. Wrestlers should be extremely aware of the physical status at all times. It is easy to ignore a small pain in your shoulder, which could escalate to a dislocation during a match. That’s why a wrestler should take regular physical exams so that nurses can spot any fatal injuries.

Nurses are an integral part of a wrestler’s life. They are very beneficial when it comes to pain management and physical therapy. Due to their high demand, it is often a challenge for them to complete their nursing assignments on time. There are online services in the UK that help write assignment essays for student nurses who are overwhelmed by work.

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Wrestling is a contact sport that exposes the participants to all manner of injuries. The wrestler can suffer from broken bones, brain injury, skin infection, ligament injury, or neurological problems. And even minor infection can prevent a wrestler from participating in a match. That’s why any injury a wrestler suffers should be taken care of as soon as possible.


Wrestlers need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise will help in weight management, mental health, boosting energy and performance, and disease prevention. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not enough when you are in the ring. Every wrestler must aim to get out of a match if not as a winner then at least without injuries.


Injury prevention should be a priority to the trainer and trainee. A wrestler should be trained to use proper technique to avoid wrestling injuries. They must consult a physician in case of any pain. Nurses will always conduct proper analysis and recommend rehabilitation if needed. Most injuries are usually a result of a prior injury that was neglected. There are many UK essays available online that cover research on wrestling injuries and proper care.


Nursing and wrestling go hand in hand. Nurses play a vital role when it comes to caring for an athlete. Wrestlers tend to suffer from bone fractures, dislocations, torn ligaments, muscle strain, and joint strains. Concussions and blood accumulation in the ear being the top conditions common among wrestlers. Nurses are trained to identify, assess, and alleviate the pain of wrestling injuries.


Nurses who offer medical care to wrestlers must familiarize themselves with the common orthopedic injuries. Many medical conditions are prevalent among wrestlers. It is also essential that they are well aware of the products that are not legal according to wrestling regulations. A nurse must get to know the specific rules pertaining to the wrestler. They should check the injury time, blood time, skin lesions, and return to competition. This is a lot of responsibility for a nurse. But also it’s a very noble and necessary trade influencing the health of wrestles and their future victories.

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