WWE Rankings: Top 10 Reasons Why Wrestling Is the Greatest Sport

Professional wrestling evokes only two types of emotions among sports fans – they either love it or hate it. Some people call it fake and stupid, but we stand on the other side of the fan spectrum and strongly believe that wrestling is by far the greatest sport of all!

It is not just our opinion, but also rather a carefully placed statement. We can name dozens of reasons why WWE is the best sport, but let us see the top 10 reasons only.

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  • Wrestling is based on interesting scripts

Ok, we all know that wrestling is staged, but does it really matter? Our opinion is that scripts only make pro wrestling events more interesting and amusing in the eyes of the average fan. It is easy to explain this one since professional writers create scripts in a way that maximizes the attractiveness of wrestling events.

  • It’s all about entertainment

Every aspect of wrestling is designed in order to entertain people. Unlike football and many other sports, wrestling is always packed with adrenaline and action. You cannot be bored even for a moment because the action develops continuously and you never know what comes next. This means that pro wrestling is also the most entertaining sport discipline in history.

  • You can bet on wrestling events

A bettor can place wagers on every sport out there, but wrestling makes the whole thing much better because it is highly unpredictable. You can check on popular bookies and get the opportunity to win money while placing bets on wrestling in casinos. That way, fans earn double pleasure because they can watch and bet on fights all at the same time.

  • Wresting is all about amazing characters

Can you name a single sport with athletes as colorful and amazing as Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, or The Undertaker? We know you cannot because wrestling is the sum of the finest characters you will ever see in the world of sports. All basketball or soccer players look the same, but every wrestler is a unique character.

  • Totally unpredictable results

We have witnessed thousands of wrestling events, but we are still unable to make good predictions about the outcome of the next match. The results of wrestling matches are very unpredictable because it all depends on the imagination of a scriptwriter, which makes the sport itself overwhelming.

  • There’s a whole bunch of wrestling-themed games

Another thing that makes this sport great is the fact that there are many wrestling-themed games for fans to play. You can play real money casino online and many wrestling games based on real characters and matchups. As the popularity of wrestling keeps growing globally, the number of wrestling-themed games is increasing accordingly.

  • Watching wrestling is like watching a great movie

If you love watching movies (and who does not?), you must love watching pro wrestling as well. The concept is pretty much the same – there are actors who do their jobs professionally, there is a script, and there is a clear plotline. Wrestling is like a form of art and fans all over the world really appreciate it.

  • It features the best matchups

Unlike other sports, wrestling is based on matches that are predetermined and staged in the most entertaining way possible. The matchups are usually excellent, so fans can enjoy the best fights and watch conflicting characters facing each other in a well-crafted battle.

  • Referees take part in it, too

No one likes a referee or a chair umpire in other sports, but the situation is different here because arbiters are active participants in pro wrestling. They often come as a surprise factor, especially if organizers invite a famous person to act as a referee. This makes the crowd go wild and adds to the excitement of the event.

  • Wrestling is a mixture of styles and martial arts

The last reason why wrestling is so good is surely not the least important. Namely, pro wrestling represents a mixture of various styles and martial arts. It makes the sport unique, especially when you add unexpected twists and tweaks to the plot.

  • The Bottom Line

We do not think that pro wrestling is the best sport of all just because we love it. On the contrary, we have very specific reasons to claim so and we showed you our top 10 arguments.

Did you like our conclusions? Can you name other reasons for claiming that pro wrestling is the greatest sport? Let us know about it in the comments section!

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