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Cody Rhodes AEW Double Or Nothing 2021 Pre-Show Media Call

Cody Rhodes speaks with the media ahead of AEW Double or Nothing 2021!

- Cody Rhodes says that Rampage will compliment Dynamite. They're going to re-establish TBS as the undisputed destination for wrestling. He was able to see some of the art and graphics for it.

- Cody Rhodes tells Izzy that being the American Dream is a one night thing only, but says this will be a statement match for him.

- Cody Rhodes tells Stephanie Francomme that DDP put over Anthony Ogogo hard to him, and was absolutely right about him.

- Cody Rhodes tells Stephanie Francomme that DDP put over Anthony Ogogo hard to him, and was absolutely right about him. @realmmarshall1 deserves credit for training him, and Rhodes says QT is the best trainer in the world.

- Cody Rhodes tells me that he talks to Matt and Nick Jackson every day, and Kenny Omega often, and they're all supportive of each other. He says the AEW wouldn't work if they didn't work in synergy. He draws a connection to NXT losing the Wednesday Night Wars, though the rumors were around prior.

- Cody Rhodes tells MUELLLERRR that the focus group for his promo that it wasn't an AEW focus group.

- Cody tells Amy Nemmity that he wouldn't be surprised if we saw some tears Sunday returning to full crowds.

- Cody tells Bill Pritchard that Rampage is not roster split. Dynamite and Rampage will compliment each other. They're not a "save it for the PPV" company. They want everything to be exciting on AEW TV.

- Cody tells Stephanie Chase he feels as if his vision has been respected in AEW, as well as the Bucks' and Kenny Omega's, and Tony Khan's way of bringing it together is special.

- Cody Rhodes tells Jon Alba that the idea of Tim Tebow and Trevor Lawrence popping up in AEW is tricky, but was excited to see both of them. He puts over the recently promoted Megha Parekh on making sure a lot of their touring is above board and safe.

- Cody Rhodes tells Rick Ucchino that he doesn't control the action figures, and says @RealBrittBaker has gotta be on the list soon. He encourages you to direct all criticism to @JeremyCom.

- Cody says Sting is training hard and taking his return to the ring very seriously. Thinks Sting will have the crowd in the palm of his hand.

- Cody says a TBS Title has not been discussed yet, but WarnerMedia wanted them to establish a TNT Title. He says it's a first for a media partner to ask specifically for a title.

- Cody says that we're likely to see more independent names local to the area they're traveling to as opposed to the south and Florida. Cody says that some of the Dark regulars will likely travel.

- Cody tells Sean Radican that he's sticking to his promise that he's not competing for the AEW World Title. He doesn't seem himself breaking that promise and "turning heel." He says he's worked hard for the fans that he has.

- Cody Rhodes tells AJ Awesome he's been doing more core and oblique work and conditioning his body after seeing what Anthony Ogogo can do. He says he wouldn't stand a chance in a boxing match against Ogogo, but doesn't think Ogogo stands a chance in a wrestling match with him.

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