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Brian Myers On Extreme Conversations, ECW Stars, Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn | 2021 Shoot Interview

Sean Ross Sapp speaks to the host of the new Extreme Conversations podcast, Brian Myers. You can find Extreme Conversations on any podcast platforms

0:00 Intro
0:35 Extreme Conversations
5:45 Getting a Hold of ECW
8:00 Interview Locations
9:59 Wrestlers Refusing
11:27 Kayfabe & Agendas
14:02 More Extreme Conversations
16:16 Favorite Extreme Conversation
18:35 Birthing Extreme Conversations
19:41 Taking It on the Road
20:54 Future Extreme Conversations
22:30 The Greatest Royal Rumble
25:16 The Great Khali
28:40 Sight Seeing Saudi
27:42 Quickest Rumble Elimination
29:32 Vince McMahon
32:09 Kevin Dunn

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