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Chelsea Green WALK AND TALK with Sean Ross Sapp!

Fightful spoke with IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green for a quick walk and talk at Starrcast. You can see the full interview above, or the transcript below

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “I’m here, Sean Ross Sapp, with a name you know.
The nicest member of the Cardona family, we got Chelsea Green. How
ya doing?”
CHELSEA GREEN: “Stooge #1. ”
SEAN ROSS SAPP: “Stooge #1! How does that make you feel when
people are immediately like, ‘You feed Sean Ross Sapp all that news? ”
CHELSEA GREEN: “Honestly, great. Because at this point I have been
told so many worse things about myself. If I am giving you the juiciest
dirt and I’m making you some money? I’m happy about it. ”
SEAN ROSS SAPP: “How does it make you feel when people are like,
‘Chelsea Green pitches all this stuff?’ It’s a meme now. ”
CHELSEA GREEN: “Actually, can we talk about how I get trolled—Hi! ”
SEAN ROSS SAPP: “It’s Virgil! ”
CHELSEA GREEN: “Hi, Virgil! I love him. Why is he looking at me? He’s
staring at my ass. ”
SEAN ROSS SAPP: “Why do you think? ”
CHELSEA GREEN: “Should zoom in on that. I kind of love it. Also
because it’s like, make fun of me for getting jobs. ”
SEAN ROSS SAPP: “The way that I put it is if you finally get a meeting
with Vince, you better have twenty pitches. ”
CHELSEA GREEN: “Okay, I said to him, verbatim, ‘I have so many
ideas,’ and it was a challenge. He looked at me and was like, ‘Tell me
all of them. ”
MATT CARDONA: “Babe, we gotta go. Let’s get out of here. ”
CHELSEA GREEN: “No. Go! Bye. ”
SEAN ROSS SAPP: “We’ll follow him, that’s what we’ll do. ”
CHELSEA GREEN: “He’s so annoying though. But so I’m so glad I had
twenty pitches. ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “But how do you feel about the meme when people
are like when something ridiculous will happen, ‘Chelsea Green pitched
this? ”
CHELSEA GREEN: “At least they’re talking about me. ”
SEAN ROSS SAPP: “Sure. Until next time, guys, Sean Ross Sapp, Stooge
#1, we’re out.

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