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Cody Rhodes AEW Full Gear Pre-Show Media Call

Cody Rhodes' media call ahead of AEW Full Gear goes live at 1 PM EST! Stay tuned for live audio and updates!

- Cody says he's very happy about being Cody Rhodes again. The details aren't important, but he says there are no hard feelings on either side. He isn't sure if he'll use it in the wrestling space, he's more interested in using the name for third party ventures like TV shows.

- Louis Dangoor asks about Allysin Kay coming in. Cody says they're open for business and their bridges are down. Cody talks about Tony Khan speaking with Billy about the NWA involvement.

- Cody Rhodes credits @voiceswrestling for putting Ricky Starks over so much to him before he got brought in. He takes recruitment seriously.

- Cody says that when he considers sports-centric content for everything he does, but a person like Chris Jericho doesn't have to do that, because that's not him.

- Cody tells Jon Alba that after this call, there's a talent meeting with Chris Nowinski. He says you have to plow through background noise and look at the situation, and puts over the medical team. He says they're doing on-site rehab, too. Claims they're learning as they go, too

- Cody says wrestling is going to be violent, but never at the point to leave hurt. Draws a distinct line between hurt and injured. He says the concussion, COVID and injury protocols are evolving daily

- Cody tells Bell to Belles that he's not disappointed in the Shida/Nyla build. He says wrestling fans have been conditioned to believe that an invisible camera and someone taking a last piece of cake in catering start a feud. AEW will not have a war and peace build to everything.

- Cody says he would love to be the king of AEW Dark if he wasn't on Dynamite. He calls Ricky Starks the king of AEW Dark.

- Cody Rhodes says he had grandiose plans to reveal him being #1 in PWI 500. Then he wasn't #1.

- Cody specifies that AEW doesn't "slot" their titles. The fans dictate those based on perception, but they don't have "mid-card" titles.

- Cody speaks of the authenticity of the legends they present, says that's just how those people are.

- Cody is asked by Stephanie Chase about the market in the UK. They've had some discussions about doing a show in the UK, and they will do a show in the UK when things open up.

- Cody Rhodes says he's not challenging for the world title under "Cody," "Cody Rhodes," or "Midnight Rider." None of them. He saw how wrestling "smarties" came after Dusty Rhodes for how he booked himself, and didn't want accusations of nepotism. That's where the stip came from.

- Cody Rhodes says they're not adding a third hour to Dynamite, it's a third hour to the TNT agreement. It will not be AEW Dark. They like it as is. It will be a different take.

- Cody doesn't think AEW will do a cross-promoted show with two banners. But he does expect to see some crossover. Cody says if you saw Aldis-Cody 2, it's probably best they don't do a third one. It would be difficult for that to happen

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