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Cody Rhodes Media Conference Call Coverage Before AEW Homecoming 2021

Cody Rhodes speaks to media before AEW Homecoming 2021

- Cody Rhodes says he won't be answering questions about "rumors" and not to waste questions on that.

- Cody Rhodes tells Louis Dangoor that to his knowledge, no plans had to be changed or adjusted to Malakai Black coming in and feuding with him. Tony Khan is credited for bringing Malakai Black in.

- SEScoops asks Cody about expanding the roster, budget, and how far AEW can go. Cody says you can't wish away good talent. If there's a free agent that can move the needle and help AEW, Cody personally feels they should go after them.

- Cody hopes Kenny Omega and Young Bucks feel the same way -- people are more comfortable with the revolution of AEW and getting on board now than a few years ago.

- Cody Rhodes tells Stephanie Chase that AEW has a full touring schedule laid out. Cody says the pandemic obviously changed their UK plans, but the UK is a massive part of AEW. He wishes the Ogogo match happened in the UK.

- Cody Rhodes tells Chris Mueller that AEW was very clear with what they were putting forth with the Gage/Jericho deathmatch. Cody once planned to do a death match with Matt Tremont but it didn't happen. He doesn't think death matches will be overdone in AEW,

- Cody Rhodes tells Jim Varsallone that he thinks the AEW canvas with the logo in the middle is returning for Rampage, and he's happy about it.

- Cody Rhodes said the plans presented to him in wrestling weren't the same plans he had in wrestling. He gets emotional talking about his daughter, and wanting her to know he never gave up.

- Cody Rhodes puts over Sue Aitchison of WWE and Eddie Graham about their community outreach. He wanted to put together this department in AEW and says Thunder Rosa and Shawn Dean have been integral in it.

- AEW is bussing in 600 children to the AEW Homecoming show as a part of their community outreach program, Cody Rhodes says.

- Cody Rhodes: If you run a wrestling company and don't plan on going to the UK, I don't think you really run a wrestling company.

- Cody Rhodes tells Nick Hausman that he can't comment on if he sees a spot for Bray Wyatt in AEW. However, he puts over Wyatt's creativity. You never know what someone can achieve outside of where they've been, and cites Matt Cardona in GCW as an example. Bray can fit anywhere.

- Cody Rhodes says he'll coach one or two matches a night in AEW, and likes to give notes retroactively. He says even if a match is on fire, there are improvements that can be made and puts over Jerry Lynn's ability to see those. He compliments Dustin Rhodes for work with the women.

- Cody Rhodes gives Izzy some wrestling training advice and says she won't lose the wrestling bug, and invites her to Nightmare Factory sometime.

- Cody Rhodes tells Izzy that he won't compromise who he was as a wrestler and won't do a knee jerk heel turn based on a one week crowd reaction. He says he doesn't have a heel bone left in his body.

- Cody Rhodes tells me that AEW has had some thoughts about stadium shows, and what they'd name it -- but said there haven't been formal talks He points out Miller Park in Milwaukee as one he's personally interested in, but can't speak to the whole company.

- Cody Rhodes tells Jon Alba he hopes everyone gets vaccinated, and if you think that the vaccine is full of Nanomachines, Solid Snake will save them anyway.

- Cody Rhodes says AEW will not be a company that makes the mistake of hanging on too long, and says when it's time to change they'll change. The resource for wrestling is wrestlers, so they want to make and develop more stars.

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