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Live Audio & Notes: Cody Rhodes Media Teleconference From AEW

Cody Rhodes speaks to media ahead of Revolution.

- Cody Rhodes says he has a great deal of trademarks, but says that now it's unlikely you'll see a ton of WCW named events -- outside of one. He'll continue to try to trademark things he feels Dusty had a hand in creating. It's more for his mother than anything.

- Cody says Randy Savage called him "CODE MAN." He remembers seeing him at WrestleMania in Toronto.

- Cody doesn't like the term "underrated" because it indicates underpushed. He does say that Jack Evans is a person he thinks deserves more love, and wants a singles match with him at some point

- The Jeff Cobb deal is "still in gestation." He works with ROH, NJPW and AEW. Cody is a big fan of Jeff Cobb and loves shooters. He calls Cobb a tank and a special athlete. He hopes he pursues AEW, but wants Cobb to do what he wants. Says everyone's AEW contract is different.

- Cobb is there beyond the Atlanta show this week.

- Tony Khan has structured contracts to cover what is important to certain talent.

- Cody tries to keep an open line of communication with the entire roster.

- AEW wants to keep Double or Nothing at the MGM Grand and All Out in Schaumburg, they feel at home in those places.

- There will be some more events in play in between Saturday and Wednesday's AEW events in Vegas, though they weren't specified.

- There will be some more events in play in between Saturday and Wednesday's AEW events in Vegas, though they weren't specified.

- Cody Rhodes and Taz plan on attending the NCAA Wrestling tournament to help scout talent, but is open to various ways to cultivate and develop talent. 

- Cody says he's taken a leadership and ownership role in a school they've named The Nightmare Factory. It's non AEW affiliated. Anthony Ogogo and Sadie Gibbs will be training a the Nightmare Factory.

- Cody hopes Nightmare Factory becomes AEW affiliated, but for now it's not.

- Cody wants to be loyal to the Chicago area because of it giving the company their birth in a lot of ways.

- I asked Cody about acquiring the All In footage, and he says they have a very positive relationship with ROH and appreciate them helping so much. They're not actively pursuing the All In footage right now.

- The "All In" name doesn't belong to ROH, it belongs to the Jackson Family's Killing The Business.

- Cody says Val Venis' comments were disappointing. He calls Venis the "Disco Inferno of WWE." He says Val Venis is probably looking for a booking, and they're not booking Val Venis, and he's not being booked anywhere near them. Cody encourages to not give oxygen to these people.

- Cody says coming to Toronto is a priority for him, but they don't have an event on the books.

- Cody says AEW isn't taking any victory laps. 

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