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AUDIO: Triple H Post-Show Media Call NXT Wargames 3 (2019) RECAP

Triple H speaks with media after NXT Takeover Wargames

- HHH loves having the challenge of four straight nights of wrestling in one city.

- Shawn Michaels will announce the NXT Men's team on the Survivor Series kickoff panel. They wanted to wait to see who was healthy out of WarGames.

- Triple H has not talked to CM Punk. "We've not had that conversation. He's working for FOX." He says when people want something so bad they say "so you're saying there's a chance?"

- He didn't want Sam Roberts even saying "the person" and "Chicago" in the same sentence when teasing the fourth partner on team Ciampa, as to not make people think CM Punk would be there.

- Triple H says he's heard of the Goldberg vs. Riddle confrontations and says maybe Goldberg would be interested in a match with Riddle off TV, and says "ask Goldberg." @SuperKingofBros doesn't have to tell Triple H all the moves he's doing to do in the ring.

- Triple H says that guys and girls usually get hurt doing things minor instead of the major spot.

- He isn't sure if NXT Takeover will be offered on traditional PPV. 

- He isn't sure if NXT Takeover will be offered on traditional PPV. He expects NXT representation on commentary whenever NXT is on a regular PPV show.

- Triple H says that there have to be long term stories, but there have to be chapters that say "the end" to all the storyline beats. Then it makes you anxious to see what happens with them tomorrow

- A broad, non-answer about international NXT Takeovers.

- He says it's amazing to see NXT alumni coming back to NXT. People come to him on a regular basis and ask him to come to NXT or NXT UK. Says a lot of time guys will have a week off, then immediately call trying to get on NXT shows

- Triple H just spoke to Britt Baker and he says the director didn't know who the shot was, he went to the person in the crowd who had the most unbelievable look on their face, and it was her. He doesn't have a problem with it, but feels bad for putting her in that position. HHH told me that he hopes it doesn't put her in a bad position and would never want to do anything that would cause her heat. Says she has a good thing going with what she's doing

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