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Matt Cardona, Brian Myers, Smart Mark Sterling Yell At Sean Ross Sapp In An "Interview"

Sean Ross Sapp....tries to talk to the Major Figure Podcast guys. It doesn't go well.

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SEAN ROSS SAPP: “What’s up, you guys? Sean Ross Sapp, Fightful with Matt Cardona. ”

MATT CARDONA: “I’m packed up. It’s the end of the day. I see you’re mingling with Joe Schmoe. I had all the cool gimmicks out. I had the Internet title out. I had all of my figures out, and now look. You come here—”

BRIAN MYERS: “I have a paid appearance to get to. ”

MATT CARDONA: “Report this on Fightful, your Patreon shit. I made the most money here and I’m my own boss. This guy says, ‘I have the best Patreon.’ Bullshit. ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “I do. I do. ”

MATT CARDONA: “It’s all a scam. ”

BRIAN MYERS: “I took offense to that tweet, by the way. ”

MATT CARDONA: “It’s all a scam! ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “It’s great. How many subscribers do y’all have? ”

MATT CARDONA: “Not as many as you, but you’re like, Mr. Click Bait. All this shit, ‘You wanna read more?’ ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “What do you want the click bait headline of this to be? ”

MATT CARDONA: “I don’t give a shit ‘cause you’re not gonna pay me. ”

MARK STERLING: “Over at the Fightful Patreon, we’re gonna remove it from Patreon. We’re gonna be the best wrestling Patreon. ”

BRIAN MYERS: “We’re gonna report you for nudity. ”


SEAN ROSS SAPP: “No, we did! We got reported for nudity. ”

MATT CARDONA: “That was me! ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “This is a pertinent story. ”

MATT CARDONA: “I did it! ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “No, it’s a pertinent story. ”

MATT CARDONA: “It was me all along! ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “My boss bought the naked Mrs. Elizabeth figure. ”

MATT CARDONA: “Oh, your boss. Mr. Jimmy Van, Mr. Jimmy ‘No Pay.’ ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “That’s him. That is him. ”

MATT CARDONA: “‘Will you write for my magazine? I won’t pay you. You want a hotdog and a handshake?’ Then he ships a hotdog from Canada. ”


MATT CARDONA: “That does not come fresh! ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “When it arrives, it’s like three fourths of a hotdog. ”

MATT CARDONA: “It’s molded. ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “It’s the currency exchange. ”

MATT CARDONA: “It’s disgusting and this is the guy you’re saying is your boss. ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “I mean, business partner now. I own part of the company ”


MATT CARDONA: “Mr. Moneybags over here. ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “He posted a picture of the naked Mrs. Elizabeth on our Patreon and we got hit for NSFW for like two years. ”

BRIAN MYERS: “There’s a lot of bush in that. ”

MATT CARDONA: “A lot of bush. Like, nipples and a lot of bush. Hey, we’re here. Ric Flair’s last match, let’s end with this. No hair, no Flair. Woo! ”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “Goddamnit. We’re out.”

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