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Tony Khan AEW All Out 2022 Media Conference Call Audio And Notes

Tony Khan speaks to the media ahead of AEW All Out 2022!

- Tony Khan says that injuries and returns led to the AEW All Out card being announced much later than usual. He got the word that Danielson would be cleared the day of the ROH PPV.

- The working plan was for Claudio Castagnoli to come in around the ROH PPV. Bryan Danielson's injury caused him to appear in AEW earlier.

- Tony Khan tells @BrandonThurston that a lot of the biggest stars being out of action has led to him needing to put the ones that were there on Dynamite. He says now they'll be able to stack Rampage more with people returning from injuries.

- Tony Khan tells @AmyNemmity it didn't take him long to decide on the four competitors for the Interim Women's Title match. He believes they're four of the top women's talent in the company

- Tony Khan believes that they built more interest and intrigue with the Punk vs. Moxley TV match. It created a week of people loudly wondering what was going on and it was a ratings success for them.

- Tony Khan tells @jaychelenicole that pushing more diverse talent is a result of the diverse talent being the best wrestlers available for those pushes. A lot of that had to do with a booming free agent market.

- Tony Khan says Forbidden Door was going to be Punk & FTR vs. Ospreay and Aussie Open. He had to rewire the card heavily due to injuries.

- Tony Khan says he strongly disagrees with the criticism of Thunder Rosa vs. CM Punk's promo time for their title situation. He says if we're speaking honestly, an 8 minute promo with CM Punk is going to draw more than an 8 minute Thunder Rosa promo, and that's what he books for.

- Tony Khan confirms our Fightful Select report that AEW learned Thunder Rosa wouldn't be able to compete at AEW All Out a few hours before the promo. They didn't have the opportunity to work a larger promo in that amount of time. They had more time to prepare the interim AEW title.

- Tony Khan says that he brought back the Zero Hour name because of the history with All In and All Out. He wanted a different kind of energy. He wants Zero Hour to be seen as its own type of event instead of a pre-show.

- Tony Khan tells me he isn't sure that we'll see Eddie Kingston and Sammy Guevara resolve their feud in the ring. He said he's in favor of it and thinks sometimes real life issues make for the best feuds. He isn't sure if they'd want to do it, but if they are, he's open to it.

- Tony Khan tells @Nick_Hausman that he believes that the talent meeting was a good thing. He says that it was largely done because of the contract tampering that Fightful Select had reported a few days before. He thinks it was a positive meeting.

- Tony Khan tells @bpritchard152 that Mercedes Martinez is currently out with an injury, but they're hoping she'll be back soon.

- Tony Khan tells @ItsIzzyMania he's potentially open to adding more to Zero Hour and All Out. Hints that we might see more on Rampage.

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