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Tony Khan AEW Media Call Notes, Audio And Video

Fightful is live on the Tony Khan AEW Double or Nothing Media Call! Audio will be available afterwards.

- Tony Khan is asked about MJF by Kenny McIntosh. Tony Khan says wrestling thrives when off-screen conflict sometimes carries over on-screen. For MJF, this storyline has been an opportunity to air some real life grievances.

- Tony Khan tells Jon Alba he believes that the AEW/Warner Bros. Discovery relationship is going to be a good one, and they're throwing a party for AEW in LA. He says some of the top execs in the company are coming to hang out with AEW next week.

- Tony Khan says they've gained great feedback about their programming, and he's happy about the relationship between Warner Bros. Discovery. He looks forward to it continuing for a long time

- Tony Khan tells Connor Casey that he was never tempted to thrust CM Punk into the title picture right away. It needed to be an earned or sensible situation.

- Tony Khan says AEW has $1.1M in ticket sales for AEW Double or Nothing 2022

- Tony Khan says the tradition of All Out in and around Chicago is not one he takes lightly. He seems to indicate All Out will still be in the Chicago area, and thinks the market can support the shows. It seems like he wants to keep that as an annual tradition.

- Tony Khan speaks of honoring Owen Hart and bringing Martha Hart and their children into the AEW family.

- Tony Khan is asked by Sean Radican about attracting more viewers to AEW. He says continuing to develop wrestlers, treat them well and take care of them to the point where young wrestlers and free agents alike want to join and help the brand is important to growth.

- Tony Khan is asked by Marc Raimondi about CM Punk possibly being Champion while still wanting to help younger wrestlers. He says that Punk has mentored several talent, watched their matches back and the like. Says Punk who has been giving back a lot.

-Tony Khan puts over Adam Hangman Page as world champion and is very happy with his reign and believes he's the best champion in wrestling.

- Tony Khan is asked by Brandon Thurston about why he purchased ROH himself instead of through another company. Khan said he had an opportunity, jumped on it, and didn't want to complicate the sale. He wants ROH to stand as a brand on its own if needed to be.

- Tony Khan says that when the final numbers are in, ROH Supercard of Honor might be at 20x the PPV buys of most recent ROH PPV shows. He wants AEW and ROH to work together, but doesn't want ROH to work FOR ROH or act as a subsidiary.

- Tony Khan is asked by Samantha Shipman about more women going through the Forbidden Door. Tony Khan would love to see more men and women from DDT, and is happy about how that relationship has worked so far.

- Tony Khan is asked by TK Trinidad if a women's match could/would main event an AEW PPV. He mentions them main eventing Dynamite, Rampage, Battle of the Belts and special Dynamite events. He says women will main event a show and always wants the biggest match closing.

- Tony Khan won't specifically answer when I asked what the winners of the Owen Hart Tournament will get. He says that the Hart Family saw it, and it's really nice. He wants it to be a point of attraction for the Double or Nothing show.

- Tony Khan tells Stephanie Francomme that he was very happy with Johnny Elite's appearance in AEW, and is probably more interested in him now that he was able to see him in action in AEW.

- Tony Khan tells Nick Hausman that they're still working on plans to bring back Ring of Honor. He indicates that he had conversations with Warner Bros Discovery about ROH. He would love to get Tony Khan a weekly TV or streaming series soon. It's something he's working on. Tony Khan wants to bring ROH back to PPV as well, and continue their calendar of those PPV events.

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