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WWE Q2 Financial Earnings Call -- Vince McMahon, Nick Khan

Fightful is on the WWE Q2 2021 earnings call!

- Vince McMahon is towards the start of the call, per usual. He hasn't participated in the Q&A portion of late. McMahon touts the advances for live events and says August's Summerslam will be the biggest of all-time.

- Nick Khan says that viewership of WWE PPVs are up drastically on Peacock over WWE Network. Some are ranging from 20-40 percent.

- Nick Khan talking about how much better the merch sales are at live events upon the return to touring than the last time they were in these cities.

- The WWE live event in Louisville at the Yum Center was the highest grossing of any of WWE's nine events there, says Nick Khan.

- Nick Khan says WWE see an opening on the sports calendar with some openings, and are using it to implement some Saturday PPVs.

- Stephanie McMahon is putting over the Zombies, and the views, impressions, and trending topics associated with it.

- WWE CFO Kristina Salen is now on the call.

- One investor puts over Nick Khan's forecasting of the sports world and the rights associated.

- Kristina Salen says they're expecting large scale WWE international events in the second half of 2021 to match that of 2019.

- Nick Khan says that he, Vince McMahon and others are deep in the WWE MENA rights situation, are optimistic and hope to have some good news soon.

- Nick Khan says to expect more unscripted and scripted outside-the-ring WWE content.

- Kristina Salen says WWE isn't expecting to take the financial risks of most studios with their unscripted outside-the-ring content.

- Vince McMahon says he isn't sure what AEW's plans are, and wouldn't consider them competition the way WCW was back in the day. He doesn't consider this competition the way Ted Turner came at WWF with all their assets.

- Vince McMahon on AEW: "I’m not sure where their investments are. When it comes to their talent, perhaps we could give them some more." Vince really trails off here, so it's hard to tell if this is a sick burn, or him asking Nick Khan to add more color to their views on AEW. McMahon has not been answering questions on the Q&A portion of late.

- Nick Khan says he and WWE don't look at any specific organization as competition when asked about AEW. They see sleep and every form of entertainment as competition.

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