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My counterpart is all about work rate, and I admire that. But will Fox? 

I'm going to make some big adjustments on my show. I've cornered the market as it pertains to female workrate, so that puts a damper on his plans. I'm moving my show to a trios based company -- Reigns and the Usos, Joe and AOP, Miz & Roode & Ziggler, Viking Raiders (read more about that below). I want to switch it up and be different. 

There's nothing keeping our female tag team wrestlers from branching out into singles, so you'll see some of that. I want the positives of the greener wrestlers to be accentuated, and their negatives to be hidden by the experience of who they're working with. 

Also, in order to make things a little more "even," since I got the first pick, I gave Jeremy his choice of "celebrity" name between John Cena and The Undertaker. He selected Cena. 

I want rich stories and to utilize my roster as best possible and maximize stakes. Enjoy!


Roman Reigns & The Usos vs. Samoa Joe & AOP

In all actuality, this could be the main event. The Usos don't have to be as protected, as they'll be the workhorses in this match and largely Reigns' heaters. In this trios-based brand that I have, Samoa Joe and AOP would be dominant, running through every possible team and combination in order to establish them as a credible threat. This seemed like a natural marquee, main event level match. If I'm able to trade in a set of tag titles for trios titles to make my brand stand out from the competition, do that too.

AOP and Samoa Joe's hatred would be rooted in the idea that Reigns and his family have all the opportunities. WrestleMania main events, world titles, tag team titles, constant title shots, meanwhile they don't get afforded those same luxuries. Joe would cost Reigns the world title, and AOP would cost Usos the tag titles accordingly to set this up.

This match would be held in an Elimination Chamber structure, but be contested under War Games rules. Same rules, different structure. The winners would go on to face the tag team champions to establish the trios titles. Jeremy can jerk around with the tag titles all he wants


Elias is out, performing a song. He issues an open challenge, answered by the Undertaker. Old School, Big Boot, Chokeslam, Pin. Undertaker wins a squash. As he gets down on one knee to do his pose, the lights go out, and The Fiend attacks. This allows me to move to Fiend vs. Undertaker (in a SQUASH FOR THE FIEND, YO) and Braun vs. Kingston at the next PAPE. 

World Championship
Braun Strowman vs. Kofi Kingston vs. The Fiend

Ideally, this would be in Hell in a Cell to really help stack the deck against Kofi Kingston, but considering the nature of the main event, it may be overkill. His inclusion is important, as The Fiend selling isn't in focus this entire time, and Kofi can quite literally pop out of nowhere and add some much needed pace to this match. Imagine the image of Braun Strowman and The Fiend staring each other down -- the ultimate horror movie final bosses of the WWE -- as Kofi Kingston looks on in the middle of them, gripping his WWE Championship. Braun Strowman hasn't forgotten his history with The Fiend, and Bray Wyatt wants mayhem. Kofi Kingston is hoping that he isn't collateral damage and he can emerge victorious.

You're also not backed into a corner where the Fiend has to lose. If he wins, great. If Strowman wins, he can pin Kofi. If Kofi wins, he can snag one away from the Fiend on Strowman, or even capitalize on the hatred Strowman and Fiend have for each other. I'd really like to have a "caught in the middle" vibe for Kofi, and have him take advantage of that as the crafty, smart veteran.

The story of Kofi trying to recover after his quick loss to Brock Lesnar are important to this story, because both the Fiend and Braun should be booked near equal footing with Lesnar. Kofi questioning whether or not his championship window has closed is integral.


Raw Women's Championship
Becky Lynch vs. Asuka vs. Kairi Sane vs. Ember Moon

This honestly might be too many triple threats, fatal four ways and such for my liking, but to hell with it. Becky Lynch needs some more edge. As easy as it'd be to put Becky against Bayley or Charlotte and make it safe, one of the struggles of her title run after winning the title was the weak challenger in Lacey Evans. 

I would have it announced that Becky Lynch could pick her own challenger, and she throws down the gauntlet? Why not someone she hasn't fought or hasn't beat? Why not EVERYONE like that. She's never faced Ember Moon. She's in. She's never faced Kairi Sane, she's in. She lost to Asuka at Royal Rumble. She's in. The dynamic here could be fun. The Kabuki Warriors against a couple of women that have the "fire" based iconography is a nice lead up an tag match to lead to this. Maybe the fallout of this match is Kairi against Asuka. 

Becky needs that edge, and her being a champion that begs to fight everyone can do it. They've removed too much of what made her special. New, exciting opponents that are protected can help get us there. 

Top Contender Match
Kevin Owens vs. Aleister Black
Kevin Owens is really over as a babyface. We've established that Owens cares about money and championships because that means a better life for his family. I want Aleister Black to just be a giant dick to Kevin Owens. He doesn't care about Kevin Owens' family, or what he wants, because in storyline he doesn't have anyone himself. He doesn't even have people that will fight him, so he takes a fight to one guy he knows will fight him, simply because Owens will make money off of it, and that's the importance. 


Women's Tag Top Contenders
BayMella vs. Charlotte Flair & Lacey Evans

I consider Charlotte almost as marquee as it gets in WWE, so it's tough for me to have her in a tag, but it would be for the better good. Lacey Evans needs help. She's getting better, but she needs somewhat of a veteran in the ring to help her out, and Charlotte already fits that mold. It could lead to a great student vs. teacher down the line. Charlotte's motivations are in greatness, gold, and money. Those tag team titles need help, too, and Charlotte being involved in the title picture increases the profile. They're being defended on Jeremy's show, which is enough of a shitstorm for those titles to endure!

BayMella have reunited as Bayley's guilt overcomes her. It doesn't last long, though. Carmella is still in the 24/7 Title hunt. That's her undoing, and Bayley has it. Their short-lived reunion leads to Bayley kicking Carmella's ass after the match. This furthers multiple storylines -- the tag title picture, Bayley and Carmella, and the 24/7 Title.

WWE 24/7 Title Segment
Lars Sullivan wins

Dana Brooke, Lana, Slater Gator (NEWLY REFORMED), B-Team, Mojo Rawley, No Way Jose, Jinder Mahal and Drake Maverick are all involved in a 24/7 Title segment. They cause Carmella to lose her match, and Slater Gator end up fighting over the title. Lars Sullivan wins the title, and all of a sudden wrestlers stop chasing it. Instead, he spends the next several weeks backstage looking for challengers and using his 24/7 Title as an excuse to beat someone up, while they run away from him.

Angry Old Men (Shelton Benjamin & Randy Orton) vs. Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy

Randy Orton has done just about everything in WWE. Outside of a couple of times in his 20 years, he hasn't been in an extended tag team, because not many have much in common with him. Shelton Benjamin does. Shelton Benjamin remembers what it was like in OVW. In the WWE 2000s days. He's grumpy as shit and likes hurting people and DOESN'T like the way kids do it today. Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy aren't the same. Not only are they different, they think that Orton and Shelton are holding back youngsters that they're trying to push forward. This is a general disagreement in philosiphy that carries into the ring. I really thing Orton and Shelton could shine as a team, and I'd have them go over. 

Tag (Trios) Titles
Viking Raiders & Rowan vs. The Miz, Roode & Ziggler (c)

ROWAN?! Yeah, why not? I couldn't get Harper from Jeremy, and he fits the profile of the Viking Raiders so well. Considering I want this to be a trios territory, it works. Rowan doesn't get nearly enough credit for always looking to innovate in the ring, for better or worse. I like this because Rowan's weaknesses can be hid by his partners. 

Miz would naturally turn heel because he's nonexistent as a babyface now. He works great with a group, and Roode and Ziggler seem like guys he would just get along with. Unfortunately for them, their job here is to get the living shit kicked out of them very, very, very badly, that way the Viking Raiders and Rowan are ready for a Sirloin Beef Sunsabitches beatdown battle with the winners of my show's War Games.

WWE United States Title
Bobby Lashley vs. Andrade (w/ Zelina)

I'm not opposed to heel vs. heel matchups. Lashley's sheer strength against Andrade's athleticism and the X factor of Zelina. I think it's at least worth exploring how a heel vs. heel matchup goes. Will it work? Might as well find out.

Fire & Desire vs. Dana Brooke & Natalya

I care about the tag team division. This is why this match matters. I care about OPPORTUNITY, which is why Dana Brooke is here. She's improved drastically, but could stand to do a lot worse than teaming with someone like Natalya. If a few women aren't competing for the women's title, why wouldn't they see if a combination fit in an effort to get in the title picture?

Raw Special Guest: Marjo



If you watched the draft show and look my card, you know what I'm going for. Professional wrestling. I have Brock Lesnar, the biggest star in the company, and the Fox TV deal. Guys and girls will get over with the extra viewers compared to Raw and because I am a superior booker to SRS. Also, spoiler alert, whatever card you see from SRS, just know that he changed it after he saw mine. Guy has all the advantages in the world heading into this gimmick and will still get smoked in the voting. You hate to see it.


WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles

I'm giving Lesnar not one, but two smaller guys to toss around. Whether you like Lesnar or not, his matches always rule against smaller guys. He had great one-on-one matches against both Bryan and Styles. Now it's a triple threat, it's the headlining match because Brock Lesnar is a bigger draw than whatever Sean's main event is (probably Becky vs. Charlotte vs. Bayley in a match to determine who is the second best Horsewoman), it's going to be balls to the wall action and Daniel Bryan is your new world champion because he's the best of all-time. The angle for this match pretty simple. Brock is the champ, AJ and Bryan win matches and both claim their title shot. Brock is like "screw it, just pay me double" and we got that Fox money.


WWE SmackDown Women's Championship
Sasha Banks (c) vs. Nikki Cross vs. Naomi

IT'S BOSS TIME! Alexa turns on Nikki at some point and Nikki gets her revenge, ending that feud. Sasha comes in and is very braggadocios and that rubs Nikki the wrong way. Naomi tries to befriend Nikki, but she is untrusting after the Alexa situation. Yeah, it's another triple threat match. This is what happens when you have a lot of talent. Sasha wins because she'd give away the result in her entrance if I book her to lose. Naomi takes the fall because we're setting up Nikki's big title win in a singles match.


WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships
The Revival (c) vs. Chad Gable & Ali

The Revival have a dominant run as champions. Gable & Ali come together because they're awesome and have felt overlooked throughout their careers. That's not a short joke. This match completely steals the show because have you seen these four men compete in a wrestling match? It goes as long as it wants with Gable & Ali winning.


WWE Women's Tag Team Championships
The IIconic Bliss (Alexa Bliss, Peyton Royce & Billie Kay) (c) vs. The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan)

The Riott Squad was reunited during my draft and that should please everyone. Alexa is aligned with The IIconics after Nikki beats her because they are the mean girls and we held the draft on Oct. 3. They wear pink. And they make fun of Riott Squad and their matching tattoo and their excitement about being reunited and being on television again. Why are the tag titles on line? Freebird rules. We don't know who is in the match until it begins. The Riott Squad win because you should always Be A Star.


WWE Intercontinental Championship
Cesaro (c) vs. Big E

We're properly using Cesaro and we're giving Big E the singles push everyone is clamoring for. Please clap. You know you're excited for this match and you know it's going to be awesome. No, New Day has not broken up. They are on a break. The guy you want to win, wins.


Top Contender Match
Ricochet vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Xavier Woods vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Sami Zayn

This is what happens when you draft a lot of talented wrestlers and only have so many matches to fill the card. SRS wouldn't know about that. The guys or girls in his main event would be the opening match on my card. Have you ever seen those multi-man scrambles in GCW? This match is that. But with guys you've heard of. The winner gets a WWE Title shot because you don't just do this match with no stakes. Ricochet wins, setting up an awesome program with him against Daniel Bryan.


Seth Rollins vs. Buddy Murphy vs. John Cena

Big Match Buddy against the guy who claims to be the best wrestler in the company. That's how this match is booked. Rollins is all about proving he's the best and Buddy steps up. BUT WAIT! It's not a big match unless...BIG MATCH JOHN is also involved. Cena makes a surprise return and wants to test himself against the absolute best. Big Match Buddy does what he does, Rollins has the best match of his career, the crowd goes nuts for Cena and Buddy wins because we're all about making stars on the SmackDown brand.


King Corbin & Sheamus vs. Rusev & Luke Harper

Sheamus returns and aligns himself with Corbin as they bond over being King of the Ring winners. Rusev and Harper come together because they were DMing each other during their respective breaks following WrestleMania 35. Corbin & Sheamus win because they are kings. Don't worry, Rusev and Harper are signed long-term. We're not worried about the luxury tax on SmackDown.


The Good Brothers (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) & EC3 vs. Heavy Machinery (Tucker & Knight) & R-Truth

The Good Brothers take in EC3 because they see something in him that Vince McMahon does not. Heavy Machinery and R-Truth unite because why wouldn't they? Good Brothers & EC3 win once the comedy ends.


Matt Hardy & Mickie James vs. Eric Young & Nia Jax

The long-time veterans Matt & Mickie unite for one last run. Meanwhile, Eric Young and Nia Jax come together because Eric reminds Nia of Enzo Amore. Matt & Mickie win with Matt hitting the Twist of Fate on Nia. Equality.


SmackDown Special Guest - Bol Bol




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