VIDEO: Asuka Makes WWE Raw Debut At WWE TLC

Asuka vs Emma

Emma avoids Asuka and plays to the crowd once the match starts before Asuka takes her down and locks in an armbar. Emma is quick to the ropes for the break before they get back to their feet and exchange wrist and head locks. Emma slaps Asuka before Asuka drops her with a running hip attack and locks in an ankle lock. Emma kicks Asuka away and out of the ring before sending her into the barricade and playing to the crowd. Emma rolls Asuka back into the ring and gets a quick two count before Asuka comes back with a series of kicks only for Emma to slam her down by her hair for another quick two count.

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Emma puts Asuka in the tree of woe before kicking and choking her and finishing up with a sliding cross body for a near fall. Asuka fights out of a full nelson before getting a near fall off of a roll up and immediately following up into a shining wizard. Asuka kicks Emma repeatedly before hitting a missile dropkick, but Emma quickly comes back with a forearm to the back of Asuka's head that drops her. Asuka locks in an ankle lock that Emma tries to fight out of repeatedly before Asuka hits a release German suplex that sends Emma out of the ring. Emma grabs Asuka from the outside and sends her onto the floor before rolling her back into the ring only for Asuka to hit her with a roundhouse kick and lock in the Asuka Lock for the tap and the win.

Winner: Asuka via submission

From our live coverage.

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