Video Recap: Hangman Page Starrcast IV Media Scrum: Barry Windham Comparisons, Jim Ross, More

The Adam "Hangman" Page media scrum from Starrcast IV, courtesy of Jeremy Lambert.

- Page wants to establish and develop characters, and feels that All Elite Wrestling has been good at that since day one.

- Everyone wants more promo and match time, and he says he'll take up as much of that as he can, but they're working with a couple of hours on Dynamite and it's not always plausible.

- He says it felt strange for a while when the work was inconsistent, and now feels like he's back to work for good. He thinks they've knocked it out of the park so far.

- Page touches on a possibility of a match between The Elite and The Inner Circle.

- Page says you don't have to pick Jim Ross' brain, he offers up advice willingly. He feels Ross' voice adds a lot of credibility.

- Puts over the agents and producers for how they work with talent.

- Most of the AEW roster has already worked for cameras and TV cameras and crowds this size, so it hasn't been too much of an adjustment for him.

- He didn't grow up watching Barry Windham, he clarifies when he is asked about comparisons. He just tries to be himself.

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