10 WWE Superstars We'd Love To Gamble With


Did you ever ask yourself how would it be to share a casino table with one of these modern gladiators? It would surely be interesting to see their reaction as they lose their money in a poker game against you or watch them react to changes in a live game. We took some time to investigate who among WWE superstars, past and present, would be the best gambling partner, and this is what we came up with.

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Hulk Hogan

Taking on Las Vegas casinos with one of the greatest WWE fighters of all time would be a blast. Hulk is known for his charismatic personality and a vicious temper when it comes to losing. We could only imagine Hulk smashing the roulette table if the ball dares to land on the wrong number.

The Undertaker

Recently retired multiple WWE champion was a ferocious opponent that used both his physical strength and threatening appearance to take down his rivals. He's the kind of guy that smart gamblers would play against only on https://gamblerzz.com/online-roulette as taking his money face to face could be a bit dangerous and a severe health hazard. However, having The Undertaker as a partner or companion at a poker table would surely increase your odds.

The Miz

WWE veteran is one of the most loved fighters and his appearance would make you the main attraction of every casino venue. As the 39-year old wrestler is still in his prime, even if you'd be caught counting cards, it's not likely that many casino owners would dare to send bouncers to escort you away from the table.

John Cena

Personally, I'd like to gamble with John Cena for what he is, a charismatic and loveable guy with one of the most positive vibes in the WWE world. Also, his explosive temper hidden deep beneath the calm and restrained personality would be an amazing asset in those moments when your gambling rivals start feeling mad for losing too much money.

Seth Rollins

One of the most prominent members of the Shield faction would be an amazing gambling partner as his predictions regarding the outcome of most WWE clashes have been proven as correct. Therefore, having the "Monday Night Messiah" at your side when choosing your roulette numbers could be of major benefit for your night at any casino.

Kevin Owens

After six years in WWE, it's fair to say that we know enough about Kevin Owens to choose him as our gambling partner. However, because of his unique personality, it's safe to assume that most people would like to have him as an opponent in an online game of Texas Hold'Em poker. It would be interesting to watch him react to trolling during the game.

AJ Styles

The Phenomenal One is the type of fighter that strings feuds with other contesters for almost any reason, which is why he would be an interesting gambling partner. It's easy to imagine AJ bursting in anger whenever the dices land differently than he would expect. Good luck to the dealer that presents this guy with the "wrong" hand.

The Rock

Another former WWE champion and fighter that we would love to see sitting opposite of us at a casino table, mainly because he's an amazing guy and not easy to provoke. For a gambler, being able to provoke your opponent is one of the main attractions and a definite way to his or her money. It would be interesting to probe the nerves of Dwayne Johnson during a casino game and see what happens.

Randy Orton

Another living legend we would love to see at a casino, especially in a big-money game. Randy is one of those guys that don't settle for anything small, however, losing a big buck would probably initiate a chair fight that you wouldn't want to be a part of.

Bobby Lashley

Another WWE veteran on our list, the Dominator. His vivid spirit and trustworthy appearance make him a perfect companion for Saturday night in Las Vegas. What makes Bobby the ultimate gambling partner is his energy, he seems like the guy that could spend all night at the table until he wins all the money.

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