350 Days Director Says Nobody Refused To Answer Personal Questions

350 Days Director Fulvio Cecere recently spoke to Interactive Wrestling Radio on Wrestling Epicenter. You can see the full interview at this link, and check out highlights below.

If any wrestler refused to answer personal questions:
"Not one of them. Every one of them... Well, I made sure they were comfortable and we had some pretty great locations. The first thing was putting them at ease where whatever they wanted to talk about is totally fine. That's what they told us! Along the way, there's talk about steroids, there's talk about drugs, there's talk about missing their kids.... It is so honest!"

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"It is not a question of caring. We were very, very clear and specific about that. I have nothing against Vince McMahon. The man is a genius. How can you? There may be personal beefs between the wrestlers and him but not with me. My job was to tell their story and what these guys went through. I think ultimately, because he (Vince McMahon) is such a wrestling fan, I think he's going to love it. There's nothing in there to not like! Even the stuff about drugs and all that. They all know how bad it was. So, they're telling you what it was like. Every single one, to every man and woman, if they had to do it over again - they would!"


On if he ever thought "What am I getting into here?"
"Such a great question. Every one of these guys, really, I'm in awe of. As an actor, I have a certain skill set. I think I'm pretty good at what I do. I memorize lines. I get into character. I know how to work the camera. I can direct! I know all of that. I've been to film school. I've been in over 200 productions. These guys are so all incompassing. Not only do they need to create drama, they have to be good at improv. They have to sell that whole fight. They have to talk in kayfabe - that is like a whole other language. They're stunt men! It is like a movie studio in every character. On top of that, they're big giant guys! (laughs) It is stunning! I am so impressed with these guys."

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