The 9 Weirdest Weapons Used in WWE History

When it’s time to settle the score, that’s when it gets really weird. Wrestling superstars are no strangers to throwing unusual WWE weapons under the ring. No, we are not talking about WWE fake chairs, we are talking about bizarre objects that will shock you.

Top 9 Strangest Weapons Used in the WWE Ring

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After every smashed table and mangled ladder, there has to be a bizarre object that will pop up. It just makes the whole fight a million times better. If you are a big fan, then you’ve certainly come across some of them.

While guns may not be the biggest hit for WWE ring fights, we’ve seen plenty of flamethrowers appear in the arena. When writing gun control essays, the appearance of actual firearms in the arena might make for nice inspiration, even when planning out the gun control argumentative essay outline.

Here are the most memorable strangest weapons to ever appear in the ring.

1. Fire Extinguisher

Using a fire extinguisher in the arena is not unheard of, especially with John Cena in the ring. But, instead of smashing the fire extinguisher into the opponent’s head, John Cena used it to blind John Laurinaitis. Cena is known for being a pro-gun activist even though he doesn’t own a gun. If you have trouble planning out the outline for an argumentative essay, you may want to check out you are looking for some inspiration to write a gun control essay; you can use Cena’s experience when brainstorming your ideas. Reading other examples of gun control essays might be useful.

2. Popcorn

Mankind and The Rock fought each other with all the weapons you can possibly imagine. From WWE fake chairs to tables and bottles. But, this mega-famous rivalry of the 90s took the arena by storm when The Rock threw Mankind into cotton candy and nailed him with a loaf of bread. Just when you think the fight couldn’t get any weirder, Mankind grabbed a humongous bag of popcorn and shoved it at The Rock. As ridiculous as it sounds, it worked! Mankind won the bout.

3. Worms

The Boogeyman was indeed an unusual wrestler. Fans loved his unique approach to weapons. But, one of his most disgusting and strangest weapons he decided to use were worms. That’s right, genuine worms! To make matters worse, he carried these slimy creatures in his mouth. To top it all off, this WWE superstar would feed these wriggling insects directly into his enemy’s mouth. Now that is on a whole new level of strange.

4. Mannequin Head

When talking about the most questionable WWE weapons under the ring, the head of a mannequin definitely hits the spot. Even though he never got the international or world championship title, AL Snow left a huge mark in the arena. At one of the most memorable fights, he went ballistic and ran around with a head of a display mannequin. As you might imagine, it turned quite a few heads. It definitely beats all the WWE fake chairs crashed in the ring. When drafting up your gun control argumentative essay outline, weird weapons such as these might be motivational to read about.

5. Water Bottle

Not the biggest damage dealer in the ring, but differently the weirdest one. Although for most people, these bottles look harmless, in the hands of pro wrestlers is a completely different story. That’s exactly what happened with R-Truth. Instead of taking WWE fake chairs, he took out a water bottle and bashed his opponents like John Cena, Miz, and John Morrison.

6. Body Doubles

Who said the WWE weapons under the ring must be objects? Doink the Clown was known for his weird fighting tactics. But, he went to a whole new level when he used a body double to face off Crush, a much tougher and larger opponent. While the Clown did stoop lower than usual, he won, knocking out Crush cold.

7. The Mist

Just a little bit of food, dye, and water can go a long way. That’s exactly what it took for the cool mist visual that came from Japan. People call it the “Poison Fog” and is one of the strangest weapons used in the ring. Many pro wrestlers have used it, but it never ceases to amaze. The wrestler spits out dyed water to obstruct to slow down their opponent. The effect of the mist, however, depends on the color. The Red one is for burning the eyes, the green one for hindering vision, a blue one for sleep, a black one for blinding, and the yellow for paralyzing your opponent. The latest addition to the mist power came from Roxxi Laveaux, the purple one for causing memory loss.

8. Musical Instruments

If you’ve followed WWE championships since the early 2000s, then you’ve surely heard of Honky Tonk Man. He was known for experimenting with his weapon of choice, but when he took out a real guitar, the crowd went ballistic. He bashed the guitar over his opponent’s head with perfect precision.

9. Snakes

Plenty of people are terrified of these reptiles. Their sharp fangs and scaly skin would send shivers down your spine. Well, Jake Roberts, decided to test his opponents by tempting them with a snake at the beginning of the match. Some fans might call it the "mind game," but it was more than that. The snake would often end up digging its fangs into the opponent’s arm. That was a grisly sight.


WWE superstars can get extremely creative. But, when it comes to picking out the strongest weapons in the arena, there is no end to what they can come up with. From animals to food and even a body double, the options are limitless.

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