ACH Holds Twitter Q&A; Addresses WWE Being Racist, Depression, Contract Situation, Jay Lethal, More

ACH does a Q&A session.

Days removed from quitting WWE in an expletive-filled video, ACH (formerly Jordan Myles in NXT) was back on social media, hosting a live Q&A session where he addressed his comments, rumors about his mental health, and much more. Highlights from the session are below.

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- Says he feels good.

- Picks NJPW over AEW. Says he has nothing against AEW, but feels he has more to accomplish in NJPW.

- Says he hasn't spoken to anyone in WWE.

- Wants people to understand #ForTheCulture is not just for African Americans. Says he's doing this for himself and people who feel like him. "If you've been bullied, if you've been picked on. If you ever felt like the world hasn't given you your due when you work hard every day, when you work that 9 to 5 and that paycheck isn't enough and people want you to join in line like everybody else, I do it for those people. I do it for the underdogs."

- Says he has no plans to sign AEW. "I just left a place, why would I wanna sign with another place?"

- Says WWE was racist because of the t-shirt. Claims he was lied to, which hurt his feelings the most. "If that was their image of me, what does that say about the African American kids that watch?" Calls the shirt "disrespectful and disgraceful" and a slap in the face. "The shirt was completely racist." Also says WWE has done things in its history that were insensitive to the African American history. Wants to achieve more than a world title, which is why he's taking a stand. Admits he was fueled by emotion in his previous comments, but won't apologize because he meant it.

- He did not hack WWE Games social media.

- Thinks the Booker T-Triple H angle was "a little bit" racist. Calls Vince using the N word, "tasteless. It was a slap in the face to the culture."

- Says he misses the people in WWE. Doesn't name anyone specific.

- Wants to go wherever he can showcase his ability and his talent.

- Can't answer questions about WWE extending his contract and having him sit out.

- Admits he got goosebumps when he saw Kofi Kingston win the WWE Title and calls it one of his favorite moments, especially being there live.

- Isn't legally clear to move on from WWE. But is mentally free.

- Admits he suffers from anxiety and depression and has bad mood swings. But when he speaks out, it still has meaning behind it. Says a lot of past anger came out with the t-shirt situation. Still won't apologize because he meant it.

- Says the WWE Championship and the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship are his dream titles to win.

- Reveals this is a "huge story" behind his Jay Lethal comments -- he previously called Jay Lethal an "uncle tom" -- but won't give the story as he doesn't want to throw more salt on Lethal's name. Says their beef, is their beef. Has no beef on his end as he said what he had to say. "If you want to know, ask him. Or ask around." Says Lethal never reached out. "That means he doesn't care, never saw it, or I'm blocked." Says he would wrestle Lethal again "for the love of pro wrestling." Says they can leave any beef in the ring. Wishes he could have had a closer relationship with Lethal. Admits he doesn't know the struggles Lethal has faced.

- On his time in IMPACT, he says, "some things are not meant to last forever. I had a really good time, it just wasn't the right time."

- Doesn't know if he'll wrestle Gresham or if he'll be on the Swerve City podcast. Praises Gresham for his ability and would like to be on the podcast. Says he wants to wrestle everyone in Texas.

- Does the "lock lips, throw away the key" gesture when asked if he could work things out with WWE and stay in NXT. Says "who knows" when asked when WWE will release him.

As of now, ACH is still under contract to WWE. It is unknown if they will release him.

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