ACH Was Worried About People In WWE Judging Him Based On His Past, Wanted To Stay Positive

ACH was signed by WWE in February 2019 after a successful independent run that included trips to ROH and NJPW.

During his time in ROH, ACH developed a reputation for "always catching heat" and when he joined WWE, he worried that his reputation would proceed him.

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"At the time, that's where I wanted to be," ACH told Submission Radio when asked about signing with WWE. "That's what I was working my entire life to do. When the opportunity presented itself, I was like, 'Yeah, I'll take it.' All of it didn't hit me until the end of the Indie run. 'Holy shit, I've been on the Indies for ten years and I've seen the same people every weekend. Now I'm not gonna see these people anymore.' That really took a toll on me. I was also extremely nervous because I was living in this world where it was like, 'I have to deal with some of these same people from ROH who may not know me now and accept me.' People are gonna have heat with me for shit I did eight years ago. Wrestling is petty. I was going into something thinking people talk about me or have an opinion on me based on the words of others. I didn't have my friends. When I got there, I was excited, but I was on eggshells. I wanted to show up, go to work, do my job. I ignored my social life because I didn't want to get mixed up with too many people. I've never had a big social circle, so I stayed to myself. I'm a homebody. I went out and enjoyed myself, not as much as I could have, but I was walking on eggshells because I was worried people were judging me based on the past. A lot of times, I get in my head."

ACH became Jordan Myles in WWE, making his NXT television debut in July as part of the NXT Breakout Tournament. Myles went on to win the Breakout Tournament, earning an NXT Title shot against Adam Cole.

"They do some in-house shows at the PC for some people, I remember wrestling for Undertaker and Triple H. I loved it because I just got to wrestle. I also like structure, so being able to come to the PC and they already have a workout for you to do, shit like that, I enjoy. I wanted to make the most out of the opportunity because if I couldn't have it anymore, I could at least say, 'I learned this.' I wanted to get everything out of it because it meant so much to me," he said.

As far as his reputation went in the company, ACH mainly kept to himself as he wanted to remain positive.

"People complain, a lot. If you complain a lot, I don't want to be around you. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to get this opinion on something because people are complaining. I get it's just work. [Eddie] Kingston used to say something to me when I would come home like, 'if people hate it that much, they would quit.' He's got a point. People were going to Twitter and complaining, but they were still there. I don't wanna be around anything that I consider negative. I worked up this positive energy when I got there and I was afraid to let anyone in because I didn't want it to penetrate my positivity."

Things didn't end well for ACH as he went on Twitter in October to call out WWE for being racist following the release of a t-shirt that depicted blackface imagery. He would "quit" and then be released by WWE in November.

Speaking about his Twitter rant, ACH reflected and apologized for the way he handled things. You can view his full comments by clicking here.

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