ACH Wins GWC Championship, Says He's The Best In The World

ACH was back in the ring on Dec. 29, competing for Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment at Show Of The Year VI. ACH took on Chip Day in the main event with the GWC Championship on the line. ACH won the title from Day, leading to the ring filling up and a celebration taking place.

During the celebration, ACH took the mic and said, "I have told you for a year that I am the best in the world. People have doubted me forever. I have felt like the wicked stepchild that nobody has appreciated in wrestling. But today, I appreciate me, my homies appreciate me, but more importantly, ya'll can kiss my ass."

You can watch the promo and celebration in the video above.

ACH won the GWC Championship in December 2018 but vacated the belt 17 days after his title victory.

ACH announced he was quitting wrestling on Dec. 7 after showing up in MLW just days prior. On Nov. 21, WWE stated he was no longer under contract after he publicly called out the company over racism and announced he was quitting the promotion. ACH has made headlines over the past few months on social media with his claims of racism in WWE and more, but has not tweeted since Dec. 11.

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