Twitter Has Ruined Adam Cole's Perception Of What Is Fun And Good In Wrestling

Adam Cole no longer checks Twitter.

With nearly 280,000 followers on Twitter, Adam Cole speaks to a rather large audience when he sends out a tweet. But Cole isn't all that active on social media, tweeting mainly for promotional purposes and rarely engaging with fellow users. Speaking to Lilian Garcia on Chasing Glory, Cole revealed that he used to be more active on social media, but too much negativity caused him to stay away.

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"When I first started wrestling, it really meant everything to me, what the internet thought. At that point, wrestling on the Independents, your only real buzz was online. In the arena, you'd wrestle in front of 200 people tops, so it's not like the world was talking about it. You would hope that word of mouth, people would speak highly of you," Cole explained. "It mattered to me so much that I would have a match that I loved, the guy I was working with loved, and the boys loved. But if two or three people said, 'that sucked,' then the match sucked to me. I was like, 'I gotta stop doing that.' It was ruining my perception on what is fun and what I know is good. Now, I barely check Twitter to see what people are saying. I kinda just stay away from it in general. People are entitled to their opinion. But it's when people take hard and crazy, 'I wish this person wasn't alive' type of stuff. I can't imagine watching a movie and then going online and being like, 'This movie sucked! Leonardo DiCaprio! Shutter Island! TRASH!'"

Earlier this year, Kevin Owens stated that Twitter is good for communicating with fans, but can lead to toxic communication, telling the story of how one person harassed him and his family. You can view his comments by clicking here.

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