Adam Cole Talks Mount Rushmore's Run In PWG, How Kevin Owens And The Young Bucks Helped His Career

Adam Cole talks Mount Rushmore.

Before The Elite, there was Mount Rushmore. Consisting of Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens), Adam Cole, and The Young Bucks, Mount Rushmore ran roughshod over PWG, allowing Kevin Owens to be a heel in the promotion and try something new while also allowing all four to grow closer together.

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Adam Cole, on AEW Unrestricted, discussed the tight bond between the foursome and discussed how their name came to be.

"There was a phase, originally, it was me and the Bucks were teaming together and at that point, Kevin Steen [Kevin Owens], was trying to figure out something he wanted to do in PWG. I think it was Kevin who approached us with the idea of, 'we should be a faction.' Kevin had been a babyface at PWG for a long time and he wanted to do something different. He turned heel, I forget how he did it, but he turned heel and we joined forces. We were all just talking backstage and I think it was the Bucks who mentioned something like, 'Yeah, we're like the Mount Rushmore of PWG' and Kevin and I were like, 'Oh, that should be our name. We should be the Mount Rushmore of wrestling or just Mount Rushmore.' That's just kinda what happened. We had cut the promo backstage after the show and Kevin mentioned it because we weren't sure that was going to be the name, but Kevin said 'we're the Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling' and the comments were like 'Mount Rushmore, Mount Rushmore, Mount Rushmore,' and we went, 'Okay, that's our name.'"

He continued, "We already had the shirt idea with Mount Rushmore with our faces on it and that shirt sold really well. That's how that stuck and started, which is really cool. Kevin specifically, too, between the Bucks and Kevin, they helped me advance in my career more than they take credit for and realize. I won the PWG World Title because of Kevin, I got booked in PWG because of the Bucks. Those three have always had my back 100%. Mount Rushmore felt so natural because we were all so close."

Currently, Kevin Owens is the only member of Mount Rushmore not in AEW. Fightful Select recently broke news regarding Owens' WWE contract status and its early 2022 expiration. Read more here.

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