Adam Page Discusses The Filming Process Of Being The Elite

Adam Page says Bullet Club loves making Being the Elite.

For one hundred episodes, Being The Elite has transformed from a vlog documentary for The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega to a full program for Bullet Club. Over the last year, Adam Page has been featured in multiple stories on Being the Elite and he told Pittsburgh City Paper that the storylines have been successful.

"Long-term stories, people attach to that. With Being The Elite, people watch that every week, and people message us to say that it’s something they consistently look forward to, something that gets them through the week, and some of the people have really latched onto it. It’s the work of our lives, and it’s what we love doing," said Page

As far as execution, Page credits Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks for the creative force behind the show but he said everything is basically unscripted.

"Most of it is Nick (Jackson) handing someone else his phone and tells them to press record. I think we know week to week some small things that need to happen, but aside from that, it’s pretty genuine. It’s not a big production, there’s not production meetings or anything like that. When we finally get together on the weekend we talk about a few things we want to accomplish and we go get it done. It’s very genuine, and a lot of it is on the fly," said Page

Last week, the 100th episode of Being the Elite aired with the name "Finale" without much explanation besides the group of wrestlers seemingly falling a part after the Cody Rhodes versus Kenny Omega match at Supercard of Honor XII.

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