Adam Pearce Commends Chad Gable's Recovery Abilities, Denounces 'Dopes' Worried Gable Was Shot By The Wyatt Sick6

Adam Pearce comments on the recovery abilities of Chad Gable and comments on those who were concerned that Chad had a bullet put through his head by the Wyatt Sick6 on the June 17 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

The end of the June 17 WWE Raw was a wild one with Uncle Howdy reemerging alongside the Wyatt Sick6. Upon returning to WWE, Uncle Howdy and friends made a mess out of Gorilla position and in particular left Chad Gable with a gash in his head that appeared to look like he might have been shot.

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However, Gable has made a recovery from this mysterious bludgeoning, and Adam Pearce, WWE Raw GM took to X to commend Gable for his recovery abilities and shot down the idea that Gable might have been shot in the head despite what his wound appeared to be.

Adam Pearce would never allow such deliberate violence, dummies.

That settles that.

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky, they're Howdy's family. Their debut was a shock but no one got the Glock, Pearce used a GIF of Spock for Howdy's family.

After all, our premium Fightful Select service reported that this iteration of Uncle Howdy and company would be much more grounded in reality. Learn more about their debut here.

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