AEW Dynamite Results For 7/21/21 Fyter Fest Night 2 Texas Death Match Archer vs Moxley, Baker vs Rose

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- We begin the show with AEW commentator Jim Ross welcoming us to AEW Dynamite.

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MJF Stipulation Match - Spears can use a chair, and Jericho cannot
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard)

MJF joins the commentary team for the first match of the evening. Jericho is trying to avoid a chair shot from Spears, and Jericho gets multiple punches in on Spears. Jericho hands the chair to AEW referee Aubrey Edwards. The action goes to the outside as Jericho sends Spears to the barricade on the outside.

Jericho takes the camera from the cameraman at ringside and begins filming the crowd along with Spears; the crowd is chanting for Jericho. Spears gets another chair as Jericho goes for a springboard; however, Spears throws the chair at Jericho, and it knocks him right down. Jericho is starting to mount a comeback and hits Spears with an enzuigiri. Spears is back up and hits Jericho with a suplex. Spears is working the arm of Jericho; Spears now hits Jericho with the chair. Jericho hits Spears with multiple shoulder tackles. The crowd hits Spears with an Avalanche after getting a flurry of strong rights in on Spears.

Spears now hits Jericho with the chair, and he goes for another one, but Jericho stops him and puts Jericho in the Walls of Jericho. Spears taps out, but Tully distracts; Sammy Guevara comes out and stops Tully. Spears hits the C4 on Jericho. Spears goes for the pin; however, Jericho kicks out for the last second. Spears goes for another C4, gets out of it, and hits the Judas Effect. Jericho then pins Spears to get the win. MJF then tells Jericho that next week that he will fight Nick Gage in a DQ Match next week.

Winner: Chris Jericho

- We get a promo with Miro stating that he will defend the TNT title at AEW: Homecoming on August 4th. But, unfortunately, they did not announce who he would face.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Doc Gallows (w/ Karl Anderson)

Frankie Kazarian goes right in at Doc Gallows once the bell rings; Gallows gets most of the offense in right away. Gallows sends Kazarian to the outside, and he distracts the referee, and Karl Anderson delivers a big clothesline on the outside to Kazarian. We head out to our first picture-in-picture commercial break with Gallows in complete control.

We return from the commercial break, and Kazarian gets some offense; he delivers a big backdrop slam. Anderson distracts Kazarian, and Gallows finishes it with a sit-down powerbomb and ends it by pinning Frankie Kazarian. After the match, The Good Brothers hit The Magic Killer. We then get Don Callis and Kenny Omega out to cut a promo, and Callis says this is what happens when you mess with The Elite and The Elite Hunter.

Adam Page then makes his out and gets into the ring; Callis tells him that he is outnumbered. Callis asked him if he was dumb or just stupid. Page then starts throwing punches, and The Dark Order comes out and makes the save after Gallows and Anderson begin beating Page down.

Winner: Doc Gallows (w/ Karl Anderson)

- We have a backstage segment with Dasha, who is with Brian Cage. She shows a video of Team Taz. Ricky Starks says they will have a big party to celebrate his big win in Charlotte next week. Cage says, "next week works out and that he loves celebrations."

Wheeler Yuta (w/ Orange Cassidy) vs. Darby Allin (w/ Sting)

Wheeler Yuta and Darby Allin begin with a tie-up; Allin takes down Yuta with a crucifix pin attempt. Yuta gets out of it, and Yuta is back up, and he gets a lot of offense in. Yuta tosses Allin onto the top rope, and Allin slings back and comes back at Yuta, and Yuta catches him and slams him down. Yuta now has Allin in the Octopus hold; however, Allin reaches the ropes. Yuta hits a German suplex and goes for the pin; however, Allin kicks out. Allin now hits Yuta with a big suplex from the top rope.

The cameras show Sting and Orange Cassidy having an interaction, and they kick each other lightly, and Sting basically mimics Cassidy. Yuta goes for the roll-up pin, Allin kicks out. Yuta is taken down, and Allin hits the Coffin Drop to get the pin and the win. After the match, The Blade attacks Cassidy from behind and takes him out with a heavy right after using his brass knuckles.

Winner: Darby Allin (w/ Sting)

AEW Women's Championship
Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Dr. Britt Baker (C) (w/ Rebel)

AEW Ring Announcer Justin Roberts is in the ring doing the introductions before the match begins. Dr. Britt Baker and Nyla Rose start with a tie-up; however, Rose tosses Baker around with ease. Baker takes down Rose and then works on hooking her arms for submission/stretch hold. The hold does nothing to Rose and gets out of it with ease.

Rose is back up and slams down Baker with ease again and does it again for good measure. Rose has Baker on the top rope as Rose heads to the top turnbuckle. Rebel grabs Baker by the leg and pulls her down; this then allows Baker to slam Nyla Rose face-first on the top of the turnbuckle.

We head out to another picture-in-picture commercial break with Baker is in control. We return from the break, and Rose takes control almost right away. Rose goes for a cannonball in the corner but misses. Baker comes back at Rose and hits the swing blade. Baker goes for the pin, but Rose kicks out. Baker gets the glove from Rebel; however, Rose is waiting for it. Rose takes down Baker with ease again. Rose goes for the pin, but Baker kicks out at two. Baker hits Rose with two curb stomps and goes for the pin; however, Rose kicks out.

Rebel gets up to distract the ref, and Baker does the "Eddie Guerrero gimmick" in which she tosses the belt to the opponent; however, Rose throws it back to Baker, and the referee catches her. Rose hits the Nyla Bomb and goes for the pin, and Baker kicks out for another Bomb; however, Baker counters it for the Lockjaw. Finally, Nyla Rose cannot handle it anymore and has to tap out.

Winner and still AEW Women's Champion Dr. Britt Baker (w/ Rebel)

- We get a press conference with FTR along with Santana and Ortiz to talk about their past and their match for next week's AEW Dynamite.

- Tony Schiavone is in the ring to interview Andrade El Idolo introduces Chavo Guerrero Jr. as his new representative. Chavo comes out and says he heard, "this is the place to be." Chavo says AEW has a ton of talent, but nobody is as talented as Andrade. They are then interrupted by Death Triangle; PAC said last week," he heard you say our name," PAC says that they are here. Andrade cuts a promo in Spanish, and Chavo translates and says they don't see gold around his waist, and Andrade can help. PAC tells Andrade that Fenix and Penta do not work for them and that they are a team. Now, Penta, Fenix, and Andrade continue their conversation. The Death Triangle walk to the ring and get on the canvas, Andrade, and Chavo get out of the ring, and we go to a commercial break."

- Alex Marvez has a backstage segment with The Nightmare Factory, and they say they will apologize to Tony Schiavone next week for pouring a shake over Tony's head.

The Blade (w/ The Bunny) vs. Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy's music goes off, and the crowd erupts, but he does not come out from the entranceway. Instead, Cassidy is behind The Blade and attacks him. Cassidy and The Blade exchange holds, and Cassidy sends The Blade to the corner; The Blade is acting like he is injured. The referee has Cassidy go to the opposite corner, and The Blade uses the time for his advantage and then runs and hits Cassidy with a big running dropkick.

Cassidy recovers quickly and hits the Slumdog Millionaire. The Blade is back up almost right away and gets some shots in on Cassidy again. The Blade has Cassidy in the corner and hits him with a gut-wrench powerbomb. Cassidy falls out of the ring; The Blade continues the attack as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

We return from action, and Cassidy slams The Blade into the turnbuckle. The Bunny gets on the top of the ring apron, and Kris Statlander is now there to stop her. The action goes to the outside. The Blade hits Cassidy with the Corkscrew Tombstone; The Blade goes for the pin, Cassidy kicks out. Cassidy hits the Beach Break; The Bunny gets on the apron again and throws the brass knuckles to The Blade. The Blade goes to hit Cassidy, Cassidy ducks, and The Blade misses. Cassidy comes back with The Orange Punch, Cassidy pins The Blade, and gets the win. After the match, Cassidy has the brass knuckles and hits The Orange Punch again.

Winner: Orange Cassidy (w/ Kris Statlander)

- After the match, Chris Jericho says that "The Painmaker" Chris Jericho will be fighting Nick Gage.

- The AEW announcers go over next week's card and then make other announcements, including Tony Khan announcing another major event. Cody Rhodes will face Malakai Black on the August 4th episode of Dynamite.

Texas Death Match
IWGP United States Championship Match
Lance Archer (w/ Jake "The Snake" Roberts) vs. Jon Moxley (C)

The match begins right away once Lance Archer gets in the ring. He goes right after Moxley; Archer is getting the upper hand right away. Moxley hits Archer with a shoulder tackle. The fight goes into the crowd; Archer picks up a fan and throws the person from the crowd at Moxley. The fight goes back to the ring, and they go out almost right away again. Moxley hits Archer with the Paradigm Shift on the outside on the concrete. Archer is busted now open, and the blood is going right down his face.

Moxley has a fork and begins to stab Archer with it. We head out to the last picture-in-picture commercial break with Moxley in complete control. Moxley sets up tables during the break as Archer sits in the ring with the crimson mask. Moxley is now throwing chairs into the ring; Archer is back up, and he gets some punches in; however, Moxley has the fork and starts attacking Archer with it some more. Finally, Moxley has the steel chair with Archer's leg in the middle.

Moxley jumps from the turnbuckle and onto the ankle of Archer, injuring the ankle; Archer gets up and has nails Moxley with a trash can lid. The fight continues, and Moxley begins to bite the forehead of Archer. Archer gets hit with a German suplex but is right back up and hits Moxley with the trash can. Archer now sets up two chairs, and Archer throws Moxley onto them. Moxley is up again, and Archer gets taken out with a big clothesline, and Moxley then knocks him down again for good measure.

Archer sits up and flips the bird at Moxley. Moxley comes at Archer and uses the fork again, Moxley sets up two tables with barb-wire on them outside the ring, and Archer counters Moxley's attack and slams Moxley on top of the barb-wire, the ref begins the count. Moxley cannot get up, and we get to the ten-count, and the ref calls for the bell. We have a new IWGP United States Champion, Lance Archer. Before the show goes off the air NJPW's Hikuleo gets into the ring and has a staredown with Lance Archer as we go off the air.

Winner and the New IWGP United States Champion: Lance Archer (w/ Jake "The Snake" Roberts)

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