AEW Full Gear 2021 Post Show Media Scrum

The AEW post-show media scrum live. Individual scrums to follow. Notes are below

Bryan Danielson

Four New Matches Announced For NJPW STRONG Nemesis

- Bryan Danielson says fatigue makes cowards of us all, but Eddie Kingston gets fatigued and doesn't slow down

- Bryan Danielson also praised Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Darby Allin and believes that Hangman is entering a new level of his career now that he has advanced to Champion status.

- Danielson was thinking "please don't die" during his match with Suzuki.

- Bryan Danielson doesn't think Hangman Page will be champion very long; was happy for Hangman but sort of wanted to be the guy to unseat Omega

- Bryan says he hasn't undergone an impact test in quite some time but does regularly see a doctor and has an agreement with Tony Khan that the future of his family comes first as he is a relatively older father of young children and wants to be around for their futures.

CM Punk

- CM Punk credits Eddie Kingston for being real. He says when he was watching professional wrestling growing up, two dudes used to get into an argument and fight it out all the time.

- CM Punk believes there is an overlap between WWE fans and AEW fans. Doesn't understand the issue in playing to wrestling fans.

- CM Punk says he thinks pretty far ahead in the future about what he wants to do and who he wants to work with but that is because he still wants to prove that he can do it all and while he does have a long-term plan, plans change and he is receptive to that.

- CM Punk says one of them has been adjusting to the AEW ring because it is a custom ring.

- CM Punk said the current situation with Ring of Honor sucks but it's an exciting time for wrestling and there is plenty of talent he would like to see in AEW.

- CM Punk said he just likes fucking with people in response to his using John Cena's move set.

Dante Martin

- Dante noted that Dean Malenko, Jerry Lynn, and Lio Rush are helping him a lot.

- Dante also noted that Eddie Kingston is helping him with promo work.

- Dante Martin says having a match with Ariya Daivari was special because he had a hand in training him

- Dante Martin says there is no set date for his brother Darius to return, hopes to be running the tag team division with his brother within the next five years.

Jay Lethal

- Jay Lethal noted that he will not be working Ring of Honor's Final Battle and even though he planned on finishing his career in Ring of Honor, his new home is AEW.

- Jay Lethal said he's excited to work with everybody but his dream match is Chris Jericho

Jay Lethal said that he chose AEW because he's a professional wrestler and this is the hottest professional wrestling company.

Hangman Page

- Hangman says he feels fortunate to have befriended Kenny Omega and believes he beat the best wrestler in the world.

- Hangman Page says he was lucky Tony Khan gave him time off and he was away longer than he anticipated. He and his wife had planned a family for years and realized there was no "right" time, there's just a time

- Hangman Page says what they wanted to do to or three years ago might not have remotely matched what we saw tonight. So much changed because the world changed

- Hangman believes that Bryan Danielson is one of the best wrestlers in the world. Says he wants to enjoy his title victory and worry about Danielson tomorrow.

Tony Khan

- Tony Khan says Jay Lethal didn't ask him about Final Battle. Khan said he wouldn't have necessarily said no to it.

- Tony Khan says Chris Jericho was always planned to be the first AEW Champion over Hangman Page, and he knew long ago who his first four champions would be.

- Tony Khan says his father bought the Four Seasons from a Saudi man, not the government, and is not comparable to WWE's ongoing relationships with the Saudi government. There is no ongoing relationship between the Khans and the Saudi government. He wanted to clarify that.

- Tony Khan says it's dependent on the situation, but AEW is taking care of talents when they need personal help. He's supportive of people taking time off if they need it.

- Tony wants to do more crossover with DC Comics and WarnerMedia.

- Tony Khan says that the Rampage would be adjusted to whatever time slot it's in and work the kind of cards it would need to draw the numbers TNT want

- Tony Khan says he's spoken to Renee Paquette about Jon Moxley and she says Jon Moxley is doing better and sounds better.

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