AEW Power Rankings - Week 18

After a special Bash at the Beach event and then airing from the Jericho Cruise, things were back to normal in AEW this week. Things backstage were said to be rather quiet as many were still recovering from the last two weeks. That was rather evident on television, but officials were said to be happy with things.

I'll have more information about AEW potentially working on a partnership with BlueChew on my Twitter account (@jeremylambert88) this week. A highly respected BlueChew spokesperson was said to be at this week's show, pitching pills and hair.

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AEW Power Rankings - Week 18

1. The Inner Circle
A strong night for The Inner Circle as they picked up the win in the main event. There's no debating the status of The Inner Circle right now. They are the gold standard team right now. I'm told Jericho really rallied the troops following his cruise and suspension a few weeks ago. He wants Santana, Ortiz, Guevara, and Hager to raise their games to his level and isn't afraid to criticize them when they're not there. Jericho is trying to instill the Mamba Mentality into the other members of his team and they are starting to follow suit.

2. The Young Bucks
The Young Bucks were extra motivated after finding out MJF put a bounty out on them in this game. They took it as a personal attack and it was definitely bulletin board material for them. It was another impressive win for the Young Bucks as they continue to find their role in the tag team division. They remain happy for their friends Hangman Page & Kenny Omega, who supported them after the bout, but still have their eye on the titles. It's a tricky balance for the brothers but they are handling it well.

3. Cody
Despite Arn Anderson picking up a technical and being kicked out of the match, Cody was able to overcome Kip Sabian. Cody continues on the right path and there's really no doubting him right now. He's on a collision course with MJF and looks locked in. Cody will visit with the league office on Friday to see if he can get Anderson's technical rescinded as it was started by Penelope Ford. But Anderson touched an official, which is a big no-no in the company.

4. Britt Baker
Officials absolutely love Baker right now. He's pushing all the right buttons and they are using her as a mouthpiece to say the things that they can't publicly say. Baker has gone off script a few times, but she won't be punished for her actions because of the way she's sold things. I'm told Baker is nearly untouchable right now because she is delivering on the mic and putting in the extra work behind the scenes.

5. Jon Moxley
Moxley continues to be an enigma in the locker room. He's praised for his toughness and his willingness to stick up for others in the locker room against The Inner Circle. But the league is concerned that things will get out of control even more than they already have with Moxley and Jericho. Both men are trying to keep it professional leading up to their big showdown at Revolution, but it's getting harder and harder by the minute. Moxley was not happy with the practice squad signings Jericho made to help against him, but Jericho played by the rules according to the CBA.

6. SCU
A good bounce back win for SCU after losing the AEW Tag Team Titles. They are expected to get a rematch at some point, but nothing has been made official.

7. Nyla Rose
Rose continues to stay on the winning path and set herself up for a future title shot. It wasn't the most impressive victory as Big Swole is a weaker opponent on the schedule, but you can only beat those in front of you.

8. Private Party & Darby Allin
It's no surprise that the awkward trio of Allin and Private Party were unable to come together against the strongest team in the league. Allin was praised for his ability to standout once again, despite the losing effort. The losses are quickly piling up for Private Party and Allin, and while they show all the potential in the world, wins have to start coming.

9. Kip Sabian
Sabian had the obvious advantage once Anderson was kicked out, but couldn't stop Cody. Sabian has impressed with his ability to hang with the likes of Hangman Page and Cody, but he too has been questioned for his choice in coach. Sources close to the situation say Sabian and Penelope Ford's real life relationship might not be good for his in-ring career as he's often distracted.

10. The Butcher & The Blade
The Butcher & The Blade have soured since their initial debut. Officials had high hopes for the trio but they've yet to establish themselves into the dominant tag team that many people thought they would be. And The Bunny has seemingly failed in the coaching position. It's unlikely that Butcher & Blade will make a coaching switch, but Bunny is certainly on a hot seat right now unless she turns things around shortly.

11. MJF
The league will investigate MJF's bounty on The Young Bucks. Competition is of the utmost importance in AEW and MJF saying "that's what I paid you for" when Butcher & Blade attacked The Young Bucks following their match gave away that MJF did not pay in the name of competition. I'll have more details next week.

12. Big Swole
Swole did what she could, but she was in over her head in this matchup. Officials see a lot of upside in Swole's game, but she's not really to compete with the top players just yet. Expect Swole to put in some extra work as she improves her game, particularly on offense. Her offensive game is still raw, but she has all the tools to succeed.

13. Hybrid 2
Jack Evans & Angelico are veterans and impress with their athletic ability, but they've yet to pick up any steam in AEW. The two have discussed the idea of going their separate ways in hopes of finding some type of rhythm. Adding a coach is also a possibility, but Arn Anderson is the only coach with a proven track record.

*These rankings are a satirical take on pro sports power rankings and treat AEW as such. Any reference to sources or reports should not be taken seriously.

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