The backstage vibe was pretty tame compared to how it's typically been for Dynamite shows. Understandable given the circumstances. There is less talent in the building, no crowd to feed into, and some feel as if they are going through the motions, which has never been the case in AEW.

One talent told me, "I don't know how much longer we can do." AEW thrives off crowd reactions and with more wrestlers wanting to self-quarantine and more orders coming down from government officials to stay at home, the talent pool becomes shallower each week.

AEW Power Rankings - Week 24

1. Kenny Omega
Omega had agreed to return to the ring on March 25 following his broken pinky and wanted to live up to that agreement. He chose Guevara due to the rivalry between The Inner Circle and Elite, plus the fact that he does have a competitive respect for Sammy. He doesn't like him as a person, but knows Sammy is a good competitor and wanted a challenge in his first match back from injury. Omega put the AAA Mega Championship on the line because he has the same mentality as Cody. He is willing to fight and show he is not scared.

2. Cody
Cody is in an odd spot right now because he wants to perform, but arguably no one else in the promotion feeds off the crowd like he does. This was a trap match for Cody and many didn't want him taking the match, feeling it wasn't worth the risk. Matches happening during the coronavirus pandemic are not on the season schedule. Wrestlers who want to compete are allowed to compete, but the actual season has been suspended for the time being. Despite warnings from others to not take the bout, Cody wanted to follow up on the message he delivered last week about not being scared.

3. Darby Allin
Allin continues to impress everyone by going the extra mile. Not only is he putting together video packages to further boost his stock, but he's willing to wrestle every night if needed. And not only is he wrestling, but he's winning. Kip Sabian is a tough opponent and Allin defeated him in less time than it took Hangman Page.

4. Brodie Lee
A solid win for Brodie against an opponent he should beat given the hype surrounding him. Lee has already shaken things up in the Dark Order. Alex Reynolds and John Silver thought they have passed the initiation phase and were full members of the team, but upon meeting with Lee, they realize that the initiation will continue. Reynolds and Silver remain committed to Dark Order because they believe in the vision, but they were taken aback by Lee's action. Reynolds told me, "I was less than six feet away. I shouldn't have sneezed."

5. Jake Hager
Easy win for Hager. The big story is that Jon Moxley has picked Hager as his next target. At this point, being the AEW World Champion, Moxley can do what he wants. And Hager does have a strong resume, though he lacks a signature victory. In the end, it's Moxley's call as to who he wants to face, especially with the "prevailing circumstances."

6. Matt Hardy
Hardy hasn't committed to joining The Elite, but the ties are obvious. Hardy would like to remain a free man at the moment, doing as he pleases, much like Jon Moxley. Matt is mainly committed to House Hardy and fans should not be surprised if House Hardy begins to take shape in the coming months. Many in AEW are confused by Hardy, believing he has some sort of split personality. It's not going to affect his standing moving forward, but it's something to keep an eye on as he tries to build more relationships in the company.

7. Chris Jericho
I've been discussing for weeks about the underlying dissension in The Inner Circle and it played out once again on Dynamite. Chris Jericho continues to recruit everyone into the group, which makes Guevara, Santana, Ortiz, and Hager feel like they are not good enough. Jericho also mentioned how he "made" those guys, which didn't sit well with them.

8. Sammy Guevara
Guevara with another impressive showing in a loss. It's been the same story for him throughout his entire AEW run. I've talked to some officials who believe he would be better off on AEW Dark, but he shines in so many other areas that most agree that he can't be kept off of Dynamite. Don't be surprised to see Guevara being sent back-and-forth between the two leagues to help further his development.

9. Jimmy Havoc
Havoc had made a strong impression on AEW Dark and wanted an opportunity to prove himself on the big stage. Officials were impressed with his effort and gumption, but wins matter and Havoc came up on the losing end. Havoc would typically return to Dark for more seasoning, but with the current circumstances, he could use this time to make a bigger impression on Dynamite

10. Kip Sabian
The issues with Sabian remain the same. He has all the talent in the world but he lacks focus at this point. Sabian will not change his mindset when it comes to having Penelope Ford in his corner. Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard are two guys who are very high on Sabian and want to recruit him into their group, but they also need assurances from him that Ford will be less of a distraction in their matches. Thus far, Sabian has not committed to Spears & Blanchard.

11. Chico Adams
Expect him on AEW Dark in the coming weeks as official get a better look at him.

12. QT Marshall
He wants to remain focused on his tag team with Dustin Rhodes, but saw this as an opportunity to try and boost his value. It did not work.

*These rankings are a satirical take on pro sports power rankings and treat AEW as such. Any reference to sources or reports should not be taken seriously.

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