AEW Power Rankings - Week 36: Britt Baker Files A Complaint, Multiple Wrestlers Fined

*These rankings are a satirical take on pro sports power rankings and treat AEW as such. Any reference to sources or reports should not be taken seriously. Quotes are not real.

AEW officials were not pleased with how things went on Wednesday. The action was good and they feel confident heading into Fyter Fest, but the rule book is starting to be broken and wrestlers have racked up fines.

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AEW plans on holding a rules meeting later this week to set talent straight as they don't enjoy taking money out of pockets.

AEW Power Rankings - Week 36

1. MJF
"Don't write your stupid blurb. Here you go; Billy Gunn can suck it. Send the old ass man back the gold brand with his other degenerate buddies. I'm better than him, I'm better than that entire brand, I proved it, they know. Print that. If you write anything else and I am not ranked number one, I will sue you. Take care."

2. Best Friends
A win is a win the Best Friends. Chuckie T and Trent were questioned by AEW officials following Dynamite regarding their knowledge of Orange Cassidy posing as a cameraman. Both men disavowed any knowledge of Cassidy's involvement, saying they thought Guevara just had his shoes untied and that's why he tripped. "He's a clumsy guy," said Chuckie. Trent added, "I didn't even know Orange could change clothes." Orange has been fined for commandeering a camera. The Best Friends are now looking ahead of Fyter Fest and their match with Hangman & Omega.

3. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega
Page & Omega were surprised by how polished Marshall & Rhodes were. "All that work on Dark paid off. It's a testament to our developmental program and why wrestlers should use Dark to sharpen their skills instead of looking at it as a demotion," said Omega. Page & Omega weren't concerned with how long it took them to secure the victory, praising Marshall & Rhodes for coming together as a team, and feeling the extra ring time was good for them heading into Fyter Fest.

4. Cody
Cody continues to stay sharp ahead of AEW Fyter Fest and his showdown with Jake Hager. Starks was a great challenge for him because Starks has a hunger and desire that Cody believes some on the AEW roster lack. As far as Cody's "friends" comment goes, Cody feels like a lone wolf right now with only coach Arn Anderson watching his back. The situation depends on who you believe. Cody thinks The Elite and the Nightmare Family have abandoned him because they are more worried about themselves instead of sticking together. But The Elite and The Nightmare Family see things differently, believing Cody is only looking out for himself and won't listen to reason on when it comes to his career. "MJF was right," one source told me.

5. Abadon
No one quite knows what to make of Adadon but she has caught the eye of everything after easily defeating Anna Jay. This was not only an upset, but for it to happen in such a dominate fashion said a lot about her. There are concerns that once people are able to figure out her mystique, she won't be the same. But for right now, the mystique is there and it's up to someone to solve her.

6. Young Bucks
The Young Bucks were all too happy to show that their style still breeds wins as FTR looked on. They wanted to face Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian for two big reasons. First, Havoc & Sabian just came off an AEW World Title match and they wanted to test themselves against a top team. Second, they wanted to send a message to Hangman & Page by using Golden Trigger to finish things off. Though FTR might be in their immediate sights, the goal for the Bucks is always the Tag Team Titles.

As far as FTR are concerned, the Bucks know they will meet them down the line. "We don't like each other, but they aren't cheap shot artists, and we respect that. We see them on our schedule and we have it circled," said Matt Jackson.

7. Britt Baker
Baker has filed a formal complaint against Big Swole citing "auto theft, unruly conduct, disrespect to doctors, conspirator, improper use of nostalgia, mistreatment of a role model, illegal use of a dumpster, and future complaints to be determined." Swole could not be reached for comment regarding the complaint.

8. Ricky Starks
Expect to see a lot of Ricky Starks moving forward. AEW officials love him and see a ton of upside. He's a guy who goes the extra mile much like Darby Allin and Jungle Boy. Cody didn't know who would be walking down the ramp on Wednesday, but I can confirm that he was happy someone like Starks took advantage of the opportunity. Cody had nothing but praise for Starks after the match and told me, "Keep your eye on him."

9. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara
Guevara has been fined for using the bat in the bout. Jericho was not pleased with Orange Cassidy posing as a cameraman and costing him and Guevara the match. "That's how they want to win? I thought they have more integrity, but I guess I shouldn't expect that from an orange. Oranges have pulp, not integrity. Does he even have a cameraman's license? Who let him carry that camera? This whole place is corrupt," said Jericho. Jericho has also been fined for his comments about corrupt AEW officials.

10. Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall
The Natural Nightmares felt they had nothing to lose and they wrestled like it. Though they lost, They were given this match because Page & Omega didn't want to sit on the sidelines before Fyter Fest and the Natural Nightmares had picked up a handful of victories on Dark. But no one in the AEW offices were under any disillusions. Rhodes & Marshall had a cupcake schedule, took care of business in those matches, but were never thought to be serious title contenders. They performed admirably, better than a lot of people thought they would, but that says more about where Hangman and Omega are at right now.

11. Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian
Havoc & Sabian are now coming off two straight losses against two of the top teams. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but it does add more questions to where they stand as a team. They've made a lot of improvements as a team but the need to use illegal means to try and win will always be a weakness of their talent. Havoc has once again been fined for bringing an illegal weapon into the match.

12. Billy Gunn
Billy was hoping to teach MJF a lesson, and while he got his licks in, MJF proved that youth was better than experience on Wednesday. Gunn knows he can't make a full-time return, but is happy to accept matches when he feels he has something to prove. He wanted to prove he could hang with the guy who has already been dubbed "the future." Gunn showed that he still has something left in the tank, but look for him to focus on getting Austin ready for a future run instead of continuing his in-ring career.

13. Anna Jay
AEW officials love Anna Jay and feel she could be one of the next big breakout stars, but this was not a strong performance as she was decimated by Abadon. Though she lost, Mr. Brodie Lee sees the same potential AEW officials do and felt getting her signed after a loss was good business. "Buy low, when they feel they have nowhere to go," said one member of Dark Order who wished to remain anonymous.

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