AEW Power Rankings - Week 40: Reason Behind Starks Joining Taz, Hangman Hates Kool-Aid

*These rankings are a satirical take on pro sports power rankings and treat AEW as such. Any reference to sources or reports should not be taken seriously. Quotes are not real.

Coming off Fyter Fest and Fight for the Fallen, some expected a down week for AEW this week. That was not the case as the first hour may have been the best hour in Dynamite history. AEW officials continue to work hard every week to make sure they are delivering the best product possible and fans are repsonding in kind.

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AEW Power Rankings - Week 40

1. Cody
As always, Cody had no idea what to expect with the open challenge, but he heard all the rumors. Still, nothing can quite prepare a man for Eddie Kingston until a man is in the ring with Eddie Kingston. The fact that Kingston was able to turn things into a No DQ match further threw Cody off his game. Still, this is what champions are made of and why Cody has proven to be the most fighting champion in AEW's short history. He was able to survive the onslaught of Kingston to pick up the victory, but not without injury. Cody spent the night getting tacks plucked out of his back and I'm told that he slept on his stomach Wednesday night. Those who know Cody knows he does not like sleeping on his stomach. Despite warnings from those close to him, Cody will compete next week.

2. The Young Bucks
The Young Bucks have always proven that they aren't your traditional tag team. Some saw the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation as a detriment to them, but those who know the Young Bucks know this was actually an advantage. The Bucks are risk takers and love creating something out of nothing. Given them an open environment and watch them shine. That's what they did in this match. The Bucks now turn their attention back to FTR and Hangman & Omega.

3. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager
Jericho had an ace up his sleeve in the name of Sammy Guevara. Jericho was confident he and Hager could beat Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy on their own, but he told me, "Why take a risk when there is a guarantee?" Jericho stayed in touch with Guevara throughout his entire suspension, making sure he was on the right path and encouraging him to be better. Jericho still believes in Guevara and could not be more thrilled to have in back in his corner heading into another potential showdown with Orange Cassidy.

4. Hangman Page
Page was victorious but his attention was what happened after the match. Page didn't expect to be recruited by Dark Order, but understands he's a hot commodity, referring to himself as "the cowboy shit." As he explained, he's not ready to join a cult because he's heard cults drink kool-aid and not beer. "Fuck Kool-Aid," is what he told me. Page knew someone would have his back once he started to battle Dark Order, but obviously expected Omega to be the first guy out. The fact that FTR were the first two out, and they came with beer, really impressed Hangman.

5. Diamante
A good victory for Diamante who separates herself from the rest of the women in the AEW women's division with another victory. Diamante has caught the eyes of officials and they would like to showcase her more, but things seem to change by the minute in the women's division. The schedule is constantly evolving as AEW looks for reliable women to fill the division while many are still stuck overseas.

6. MJF
MJF was not pleased with the tag team loss at Fyter Fest and wanted to re-establish himself against someone. He got Griff Garrison, which he was not pleased about. "They have a gem on their hands and it's being wasted against that guy? I'm the best wrestler in the company and they're giving opportunities to meatheads and burnouts from other companies. I'm tried of wasting my time. They better give me what I want before I make their life really difficult."

7. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks
Starks has entered into a working relationship with Team Taz after heavily negotiating with other brands. I'm told Starks had an enticing offer from Dark Order and Jake Roberts, but Starks was won over with Taz' care for his fighters. Though Taz throwing in the towel for Cage against Moxley angered Cage, other wrestlers certainly took notice and believe Taz has their best interest at heart.

8. Jon Moxley & Darby Allin
Moxley and Allin continue to have a loose association. They have a similar mindset and similar enemies. They do train together, which very few know about, and have an unspoken agreement. But neither will acknowledge being an official team.

9. Eddie Kingston
Sources tell me that it was AEW who reached out to Kingston and not the other way around for this match. AEW is always looking for new blood and willing to give anyone an opportunity. They saw fans pushing for Kingston to get an opportunity and, this is a direct quote from a high ranking official, "When fans push for someone and say they deserve an opportunity we listen. Other companies should take note." Tony Khan knew what he was signing up for when he allowed Kingston to have a live mic and booked a No DQ match, but he trusted Kingston to keep it professional while also inspiring fans and Cody.

10. The Butcher & The Blade
Butcher & Blade did not buy into the narrative that this match would work to their advantage. If anything, they feel more comfortable in a closed environment where they are able to get their hands on their opponents and use their power to their advantage. Butcher & Blade actually pushed for a cage match on Wednesday, but were over-ruled with the falls count anywhere match. They didn't complain, understand the pecking order and how things work in AEW, but they also won't forget how negotiations played out the next time they are in this position.

11. Jurassic Express
Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy weren't too down after their loss given the circumstance, but they do view it as a step back following their tag team victory at Fyter Fest. They hope to rebound next week when they team with the Best Friends.

12. Alan Angels
Angels has had some impressive one-on-one showings, but has yet to secure that signature victory. Mr. Brodie Lee has been all over the place since losing his AEW World Championship bout against Jon Moxley at Double or Nothing. The recruitment of Colt Cabana has seemingly distract him, which has upset other members of the Dark Order. One member who wished to remain anonymous said, "Mr. Brodie found a shiny new toy to play with so we're just cast aside. He'll get bored soon enough. He always does." That seemed evident after Angels' loss when Mr. Brodie started courting Page.

13. Griff Garrison
Garrison will continue to hone his craft on Dark. Despite MJF refereeing to him as "Jungle Man," there are no talks of adding Garrison to Jurassic Express.

14. Ivelisse
It's been said that Ivelisse came into the match overconfident, feeling she knew Diamante's every move and believing she could not be beaten. She was beaten.

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