AEW Rampage Results For 11/5/21 Adam Cole vs. John Silver, CM Punk and Kingston Meet Face to Face

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- "It's Friday night, and you know what that means," says AEW Commentator Excalibur as he welcomes the viewer to St. Louis, Missouri, for AEW Rampage. He then introduces his colleagues Ricky Starks and Taz to the telecast.

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"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs. Anthony Bowens (w/ Max Caster)

Bryan Danielson is out first, and Max Caster comes out with Anthony Bowens rapping. Caster, in his rap, mentions that Danielson's only known because of his wife's reality tv career. Caster says, "I'm gonna put you in poverty, dawg because ending careers quicker than your father-in-law." The match begins, and Anthony Bowens gets some shots in, but Danielson comes back with thunderous shots at Bowens.

The action goes outside of the ring with Bowens in control as we go to our first picture-in-picture commercial break of the evening. Anthony Bowens will occasionally distract referee Aubrey Edwards, allowing Max Caster to get some shots on Bryan Danielson.

We return from the commercial break with Danielson hitting Bowens with a big hammer shot. Danielson then nails Bowens with multiple kicks to the chest and then a high boot. Bowens hits Danielson with a DDT, Bowens goes for the pin, and Danielson kicks out at two. Danielson runs the ropes and takes out Caster; he then does it to Bowens and sends him outside the ring. Danielson dives onto his opponent and his opponent's partner on the outside. Danielson grabs Bowens and puts on the LeBell Lock, and Bowens taps out.

Winner: "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson

- They go to a backstage segment with Andrade El Idolo paying MJF for FTR to help him with his match against Cody Rhodes on this past Wednesday's Dynamite.

- We come back to CM Punk, heading to the ring before going to the commercial break.

- We return from the break, and CM Punk tells the crowd how it is great to be back in St. Louis; CM Punk then tells Eddie Kingston to get out there. Eddie Kingston eventually comes out, and CM Punk is laughing; Kingston says he missed Dynamite because he thought he might have had COVID. Kingston said that Punk was a hero, guys like Samoa Joe, Amazing Red, Homicide, etc. Kingston said he "never sold out." Punk says you are bagging me and but I'm not the only one who saw greatness in you. CM Punk says Eddie Kingston is a bum. Kingston says if he was a bum, would he have been in Full Gear's main event last year or sell his house.

Kingston then challenges CM Punk at Full Gear; Punk comes back and says, "I was thinking AEW Dark or Elevation to keep things at your speed. CM Punk asks St. Louis "if he should meet Kingston at Full Gear." CM Punk accepts the challenge and attempts to leave the ring, however, before he leaves.

Eddie Kingston says he does not need to win or lose, but after Kingston beats CM Punk's ass, he says, "you should go away and come back in seven years." CM Punk then headbutts Kingston, and all hell breaks loose. AEW Referees, Personal, and others break up the madness between Kingston and CM Punk.

- We go to a backstage segment with Jurassic Express and Christian Cage challenging The SuperKliq at Full Gear.

TBS Women's Championship Tournament Match
Red Velvet vs. The Bunny

Red Velvet runs down to the ring and attacks The Bunny; however, The Bunny quickly overcomes the attack. Red Velvet takes her focus off of The Bunny and gets in the face of Jade Cargill, and this allows The Bunny to attack Red Velvet and get the upper hand. The Bunny pushes Red Velvet into the steel steps face-first. The Bunny gets into the face of Cargill, Red Velvet takes control of the match and hits The Bunny with the overdrive to get the victory and move on in the TBS Tournament.

Winner: Red Velvet

- Before the match, Mark Henry interviews John Silver and Adam Cole. John Silver addresses Adam Cole dealing with the effects of a Con-Chair-To on this past week's Dynamite.

- The AEW announcers then announce some of the matches for next week's AEW Dynamite. First, they reveal that Bryan Danielson will face NJPW's Rocky Romero on Dynamite next week. Then, they also tell us that CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston is official for Full Gear.

John Silver (w/ Alex Reynolds) vs. Adam Cole (w/ The Young Bucks)

The Dark Order comes out with John Silver; however, he sends them back and goes down to the ring by himself. The match begins with John Silver getting kicked in the head by Adam Cole. Silver makes a quick comeback after Cole shows some side effects of the Con-Chair-To. Silver gets some shots in; however, he never really gets the upper hand. Cole takes Silver down to the outside; Cole and The Young Bucks share a moment. We go to our last commercial break with Adam Cole in control.

We return from the break with Silver hitting Adam Cole with a big back body drop; Silver then hits Cole with a hurricanrana. Silver goes to pin Cole; Cole kicks out at two. Cole and Silver are now exchanging body shots, Cole hits Silver with a pump kick, and Silver hits Cole with an enzuigiri. Cole hits John Silver with a neckbreaker combo. Silver hits Cole with a massive lariat and a snap dragon suplex. Silver goes to pin Cole, The Young Bucks lift the leg of Adam Cole and put it on the bottom rope, and the referee stops the pin count at two.

The Dark Order members come out to even things up, Silver sees Adam Cole try and take a cheap shot, but it does not work. Cole hits Silver with two Superkick's and then hits Silver with The Boom. Cole pins John Silver to get the victory.

Winner: Adam Cole (w/ The Young Bucks)

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