AEW Rampage Results For 10/29/21 Eliminator Tournament Semi-Finals Match Danielson vs. Kingston

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AEW Eliminator Championship Tournament Semi-Finals
Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

The match begins when Eddie Kingston walks from the ramp down to the ring. Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston exchange a few shots before they get really into it. The crowd is hot for this match; Danielson and Kingston's chests look as red as they can be. Unfortunately, Kingston is losing his temper; he attempts to throw a chair into the ring; however, it hits the top rope and does not make it into the ring.

The crowd is sweltering and seems to be somewhat split between the two. Kingston and Danielson are exchanging heavy chops, and this goes back and forth for quite a while. Danielson works on the triceps area of Kingston. Danielson and Kingston are going back and forth again, but this time with some very stiff shots. Kingston nails Danielson with a lateral press, Danielson is back on his feet, and Danielson gets hit chopped repeatedly in the corner. However, Kingston's not done; he begins biting the side of Danielson's face.

We head out for our first picture-in-picture commercial break; Danielson flips the bird to Eddie before Eddie starts throwing more haymakers. Danielson's chest is all cut up and a little bloody. Kingston sends Danielson to the ropes; however, Danielson sends Kingston over the top rope. Danielson goes after him, and it was a mistake as Eddie Kingston hits Danielson with a Saito suplex. The referee gets to a nine-count, Danielson makes it back to the ring, though. Kingston begins stretching out Danielson, Danielson however, makes it to the ropes, and Kingston has to release the hold.

Kingston and Danielson are on the top rope; Kingston goes for a suplex; however, Danielson headbutts Kingston, and Kingston falls off the turnbuckle. Kingston goes back, however Danielson counters and hits a massive belly-to-back suplex. Danielson is up off the mat; first, Kingston is up a few seconds later, and both men exchange kicks and strikes again. Danielson hits Kingston with around six or seven kicks to the chest and then one final kick to the head of Eddie Kingston.

Kingston makes it back up; Danielson will try and end it; however, Kingston collapses, and Danielson stops and then begins hitting Kingston with multiple kicks. Danielson puts on the Fujiwara armbar, Kingston gets out of it. Kingston nails Danielson with DDT, both men are back up, and they are exchanging strikes again. Kingston takes Danielson with a spinning back elbow; both men fall, however. Eddie begins to crawl over to make the pin, but Danielson traps him with a head and arm triangle hold; Danielson throws multiple elbows to the head, and Eddie is out.

Winner and advancing to the Eliminator Championship Tournament Finals: Bryan Danielson

- They go to a backstage segment, and Tony Schiavone is in the back to interview CM Punk; Punk interrupts Eddie Kingston. Kingston gets in the face of CM Punk; Punk says he will put Kingston asleep. He then tells Kingston he is disappointed in him as Kingston gets pushed away by backstage personal.

Matt Sydal vs. Dante Martin (w/ Lio Rush)

Matt Sydal is worried about Lio Rush at ringside; Martin and Sydal shake hands before the match. Then, they begin with quick transitions, flips, counters, and reversals. They show right away that they know each other well. Unfortunately, Sydal is getting the upper hand here, and Dante gets in trouble several times.

Dante hits a big springboard dropkick on Sydal, and this causes Sydal to roll out of the ring. Again, Dante goes after Sydal, and this time he hits Sydal with a big moonsault to the outside. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial break, and Sydal is in control.

Sydal has Martin in a stretch submission hold. Sydal hits Martin with a simple and yet effective bodyslam. Sydal goes for a pin; however, Martin kicks out quickly. Sydal hits Martin with a huge running knee to the face of Dante Martin. Martin begins showing some emotion and starts to make a comeback with a few elbow strikes. Martin hits Sydal with a sunset flip attempt; Martin goes for the pin, and Sydal kicks out. Martin hits Sydal with a massive foot stomp.

Sydal and Martin go to the top rope. Sydal hits Martin with a hurricanrana; Sydal goes right at Martin; however, Martin goes for a pin attempt; but Sydal kicks out. Sydal goes for the Lightning Spiral, and Martin avoids it and hits Sydal with a triangle slingshot moonsault for the pin.

Winner: Dante Martin (w/ Lio Rush)

Trick or Treat Match
Abadon vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (w/ Jamie Hayter, and Rebel not Reba)

Before the match begins, Mark Henry is interviewing both Britt Baker and Abadon. Abadon, as expected, doesn't say anything. Baker says she has her Zombies with her; Rebel and Jamie Hayter are both in Zombie makeup and costumes as all three make their way to the ring. Abadon is out second, and Baker shows some concern on her face as Abadon makes her way to the ring. Excalibur mentions that if Abadon wins, she will get a rematch, and the title will be on the line.

The bell rings, and Abadon screams at Baker, and Baker falls back into the ropes and is coming up with a game plan. Finally, Baker gets into the ring, and Abadon hits Baker with a stunner right away, and Baker gets out of the ring. Baker and Abadon fight to the apron, swinging neckbreaker and the table they land on doesn't break. Baker hits Abadon with a suplex onto the table. It still doesn't break. Abadon grabs a bag of thumbtacks.

Baker comes running, and Abadon hits Baker with a rock bottom into tacks. Abadon goes for the pin attempt; Baker kicks out. Abadon goes for another pin; however, another kick out. Baker has Abadon's head on the chair and curb stomps it. Abadon does not sell it, so Baker starts to stuff the mouth of Abadon with the thumbtacks and kicks them out. Baker attempts to go for the lockjaw, but Abadon bites the hand of Baker, Abadon gets distracted, and Baker comes from behind and rolls up Abadon for the pin.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (w/ Jamie Hayter, and Rebel not Reba)

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