AEW Revolution 2021 - AEW Women's Championship: Hikaru Shida vs. Ryo Mizunami Result

AEW Women's Championship Match

Hikaru Shida (c) vs Ryo Mizunami

WWE Producer List, November 22 To 26

They shake hands before the match before they lock up and exchange standing switches and side headlocks before Ryo drops Hikaru with a shoulder block. Ryo hits a running forearm before they exchange chops in the corner until Ryo starts pulling herself around the ring like a mime. They end up at ringside where Ryo powerbombs Hikaru over the barricade and onto the crowd before tossing her back inside and hitting a jumping leg drop. Ryo locks in a rear chin lock and stomps Hikaru before Hikaru comes back with a reverse piledriver onto the stage and a dive off of the top for a deep two count. Ryo repeatedly headbutts Hikaru before clotheslining her and slamming her into the mat for a near fall before Hikaru hits a shining wizard. The two exchange strikes until Ryo hits a Saito suplex and a spear into a dive for a near fall before Hikaru counters a falcon arrow. Hikaru hits an enzuigiri into a dragon suplex before Ryo hits a lariat from behind and Hikaru a falcon arrow before hitting a flurry of strikes into a falcon arrow for a near fall. Ryo clotheslines Hikaru when she goes for a finisher before Hikaru hits a running knee lift and the two exchange near falls before Hikaru hits a shining wizard m for a near fall. Hikaru then pins Ryo with a whirlwind kick for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida defeats Ryo Mizunami to retain her AEW Women's Championship.

- After the match, Nyla Rose comes out and attacks both of them before Brit and Maki join in on the beat down and Brit and Nyla face off before Thunder Rosa comes out and saves Hikaru and Ryo.

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