AEW Revolution Media Scrums And Coverage

AEW Revolution is over, and now we have the post-show scrums. Fightful will have full coverage of them below, as well as their streaming videos.

- Tony Khan is happy to tell us Omega and Moxley are both safe and healthy after a dangerous match.

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- Tony Khan said Kenny Omega's master bomb plan was a dud, and he drew the plans up with crayons.

- Tony Khan referenced what Jon Moxley says post-show as canon in AEW. "Kenny Omega might be a bad son of a bitch, but he can't build an exploding ring worth a shit." Khan says unless you wanted them to actually blow the guys up, there's only so much you can do.

- Tony Khan hopes to see Maki Itoh often. Reba is already trying to get out of the match.

- Khan thinks Christian is one of the best wrestlers of the last couple of decades, and Christian gave him a call and wanted to come to AEW. Christian wants to wrestle regularly.

- Tony Khan tells Jon Alba that he likes having the open air venue in the environment they're in. He wants to slowly increase capacity, but doesn't want to put the pods too close together. They thought Double or Nothing was too soon. They'll look at touring eventually.

- Tony Khan says Christian is a friend of his and never imagined he would come back, and was kicking himself when he saw he was back and he didn't have Christian.

- Tony Khan has a feeling women are going to main event Dynamite "so very soon." He was very excited to answer this. Indicated it would be in the next several weeks.

- Tony Khan speaks highly of JD Drake

- "Ethan Page will be here a very long time. He's something we've had up our sleeves for a very long time." - Tony Khan says he was glad they finally got the paper work done to get him to work in the U.S. Indicates that Page will be a "big help" to the heel side.

- Tony Khan says Big Swole has been battling Crohn's disease and has been sidelined as a result of that. That's what kept her out of the tournament

- Tony Khan says the finish of Revolution will be addressed on AEW Dynamite as well. He compared Omega hammering like Garth on Wayne's World.

- Tony Khan promises that there will be aces up his sleeve in 2021. He says we'll see things we're not expecting.

- Tony Khan says Paul Wight will be an announcer at first, but expects that eventually he'll return to the ring.

- Darby Allin says all the ingredients involved in his match helped with the match.

- Darby Allin said he was up for nights and heavily involved and doing "about everything" for this match. Mentions he dropped out of film school, so this was a test for him. Ricky Starks helped a lot as well.

- Sting coming to AEW and trusting Darby with his career meant the world to Darby Allin.

- Paul Wight watched the show backstage, and was really impressed with the tag team battle royal, and thought that Cage looked like a star in the cinematic match. He wants to work

- "I've had more turns than NASCAR" -- Paul Wight

- Wight says he hasn't seen a locker room with as much positivity in a long time.

- Wight says Tony Khan understands that he wants to stay involved in the community projects he was doing in WWE. Now he has more freedom to do more movies, TV and community projects as there's a smaller roster competing for those spots.

- Wight says he'd love to team with Billy Gunn or Jericho again. Wants to work with Lance Archer, Wardlow, Luchasaurus, and others.

- Paul Wight tells me that Vince McMahon called him and congratulated him and wished him luck when the signing with AEW was announced. They agreed this was the best move for him, and there's no heat or dirt between them.

- There was a mutual dissolution of the WWE deal at the end of the tenure, and Wight told me that he had no idea if he'd be able to come to AEW and was just hopeful there would be. He had no talks with AEW prior.

- "Ethan Page is a piece of shit for having my last name. Just kidding. We're cousins. We meet at Dallas'" -- Hangman Page.

- Hangman Page talks about the loss of Brodie Lee. He was honored to be a part of that, and knows there were a lot of people who deserved to get to honor Brodie and didn't get to.

- Hangman Page is going to spend his winnings on his mortgage and a new lawn mower. Then he says he wouldn't want it, and notes seeing homeless people in Jacksonville.

- Hangman Page tells @ItsIzzyMania he's not joining the Dark Order. He's done the group thing and it didn't work out. He doesn't have to be a member to have their back and vice versa.

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