AEW Senior VP Megha Parekh Discusses How She Handles Big Personalities In AEW

Megha Parekh is one of the top executives in AEW as the Senior VP and Chief Legal Officer. Along with working alongside Tony Khan in AEW, Parekh occupies the same role for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In wrestling and sports, conflict is almost inevitable with big personalities always striving for more and competition.

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Speaking to AtotheKWrestling, Megha discussed how she deals with big personalities in wrestling and elsewhere.

"I always try to meet people where they are. The same is true on the football side where we have so many different types of staff that people may not realize. I try my best to, if I'm talking to a coach, my goal is not to necessarily communicate that is most natural and easy for me, but to try to get them to understand something or explain something or agree with my perspective or position. No matter who I'm talking to, I don't always try to do it in a way where I think is most comfortable for them, as opposed to what is most comfortable for me. That is something that took me years to learn. When I don't persuade somebody of something, I don't necessarily think, 'Oh, they're not listening,' I think, 'How can I say this differently to try to get them to be bought in or explain it in a way.' I look back, and I can't control how they process thing, but I can control how I deliver the message. There are a handful of excellent books about negotiations that help. Every conversation, if you think about it as a negotiation, not in a negative way, but what is the purpose? It's probably to try to get someone to agree with a particular perspective I have on a situation and if that's the case, what is the best way for me to communicate to them so that it's most comfortable to them? I go through all kinds of gymnastics, whether I'm talking to coaches or city council, I'll change how I dress, I'll change how I present myself, and it's really a matter of trying to make it so they feel comfortable. With the talent, for instance, I don't think that if I presented myself as a traditional uptight lawyer, I don't think they much of my job is people having trust in me. I need to be somebody that is not necessarily someone that seems so much different from them because then they will be distrustful. I'd rather present in a way that makes them comfortable, based on who it is that I'm talking to," she said.

Parekh has appeared on-screen a handful of times early in AEW, but largely stays behind the scenes in her role.

As part of her duties, she helps lead the community outreach program.

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