AJ Lee Reacts To Big E's WWE Title Win, Heels Viewership, NXT Update | Fight Size Update

Here is your fight size update for Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

- AJ Lee has commented on Big E's WWE Championship win, joking that she and Dolph Ziggler regret giving E up for adoption.

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- Wrestlenomics reports that the fifth episode of Heels on Starz was watched live or same-day by 79,000 viewers on Sunday, the same number as last week.

- Fightful can confirm PWInsider's report this afternoon that Kevin Dunn is backstage at the show to oversee production. Bruce Prichard was also at the Performance Center 9 days ago.

- Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Big E spoke about the brotherhood he forged through the years with many names from FCW and beyond.

“I have to take my hat off to so many people who helped me along the way,” he says. “I think back to Michael Tarver, who would sit down with me in FCW when I was super green and didn’t know what I was doing. He helped me understand how to carry myself and connect with people in the ring. Curt Hawkins gave me the Big Ending. That’s been my finish for 12 years because of him. There are so many. Mike Doughty. And, of course, Kofi and Woods.

“With us, it’s a brotherhood. We hurt together, we smile together, this is real. All the toughest times have brought us closer together. I’m grateful for all the valleys and lows with them, because we got to experience all of this together. I’m so grateful for everything I have done in WWE, because I had the time to grow. I needed those years of seasoning. I think back to all the times I was so scared to do the right thing, but now it is so comfortable, and so much of that is because of Woods and Kofi. I had no business even getting to WWE, but I’ve been blessed along the way to get to this point, and I’m so thankful.”

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- Chris Bauer from Heels talks Wild Bill's take on the industry:

- Bound for Glory tickets will go on sale on 9/24.

- Taylor Wilde recently spoke with Steel Chair and detailed her desire to be a producer.

“Absolutely and that’s something that’s really changed in the past 10-15 years, women having careers outside of being professional wrestlers. Ten or 15 years ago, there were no female agents, there were no female producers, there weren’t any females sitting on the Creative team, that’s just something that’s coming into fruition now, so that is absolutely something that I want to spread my wings with. I love wrestling, I love being back in wrestling but there’s no way my career as a professional wrestler can be as long as it was in my first chapter because I am 35. I started wrestling when I was 18, I did it full time until I was 25 and it really takes years off of your life because it is so hard on the body. I think I still have some gas in the tank but I would like to elongate my career and learn other trades of the industry because I think there need to be more women in a managerial role or in a creative role to help elevate women’s wrestling because it can’t all be done in the ring.”

- When the market closed today, WWE stock was trading at $53.98 per share. This was an increase of almost 4% from the last time the market closed.

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