AJ Styles: Dixie Carter 100% Ruined TNA

No name may be more synonymous with TNA than AJ Styles, but things could have ended better between the two sides.

Styles rose to fame from 2002 to 2013 in TNA, becoming one of the most decorated competitors to step foot in the ring. During his early time in the company, AJ worked closely with Vince Russo, who helped Styles win his first NWA World Heavyweight Title.

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Answering a question on his Twitch stream, AJ gave his thoughts on Russo. 

"Vince, as a person, I love the guy, and we butted heads as far as him writing, even in TNA, but I realized when we butted heads, it was because he was getting things from Dixie the whole time. It must have been very difficult to work with this woman who has no idea how wrestling works and wanted everything to be done to it and it didn't make any sense. We butted heads with him as a writer, but due to Dixie Carter getting involved a lot with creative," said Styles

AJ did say that despite being friends, he would like to discuss a comment Russo made in the past, saying WWE has handled AJ with kid gloves. 

Later on the stream, a fan asked if Dixie Carter had ruined TNA. 

"Do I believe Dixie ruined IMPACT? Well, it was TNA back then, and 100%. IMPACT, there was a time when it was really gaining ground. The problem was, Dixie wanted to be WWE-lite and that's not what people wanted. They wanted to see something else. All she had to do was let us do what we do, it was really that simple. Had she left it to the writers, I think TNA would still be around and be bigger than what they are, but not knowing what's best for business, she hurt TNA," he said.

Carter's family purchased TNA in 2002 and served as President of the company until November 2016. Styles did have a meeting with Carter at the end of his NJPW run in January 2016 and nearly returned to the company before signing with WWE.

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