Al Snow Claims There Was No Double Entendre To "Head'

Al Snow was recently interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

On the meaning of "Head": 
"Everybody thinks that because it is a double entendre, I was referring to what the double entendre is. I actually, quite honestly, wasn't. I was referring, quite honestly, to the head! What does everybody want? What does everybody need? I was trying to set up a basis for me to become jealous of the head and then turn on it. I treated it like it was a real person because of a nervous breakdown he's wanted nothing more than success in professional wrestling and when he seemed to have gotten it, it is not him that everyone wants, needs, or loves. It is the head! I would eventually turn on it much like other wrestlers did with each other. Kids got it better than adults did. Adults thought, "Oh, kids are going to get the wrong idea." Kids don't view the world like adults do. If you were to talk to a kid, he's going to say, "He's talking about the head." They were absolutely right!" 

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