Alberto El Patron On Tito Ortiz Fight: 'I Will Represent Pro Wrestling With Pride In This Fight'

Alberto El Patron, better known as Alberto Del Rio in WWE, has an upcoming fight on Saturday, December 7th, with Tito Ortiz for Combate Americas.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Alberto reveals why he feels that now is the right time to take on a major fight like this, saying that he wants to be a role model to people around the world that it's important to work towards your dreams.

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"I’m trying to show Mexican-Americans, and people around the world, that I’m working for my dreams," he began. "I didn’t just decide, out of nowhere, to jump from pro wrestling to MMA. I built a career in Japan and Latin America fighting for many years, fighting for Pride [Fighting Championships] back in 2000, which was when Tito Ortiz was with the UFC. I know Greco-Roman wrestling, which I’ve been doing since I was eight years old, and I’ve been fighting my entire life."

Alberto has several years of professional wrestling experience which of course brings with it the ability to promote an event like very few can because of the hyperbole that is attached to the medium of professional wrestling. The former WWE Champion admits that he is using a lot of what he's learned from WWE and wrestling overall to help him promote this fight. 

He continued, "Spending time with great minds like Vince McMahon, and [Combate Americas CEO] Campbell McLaren, that is what made me who I am. I’m a fighter, a businessman and an executive. I have a pro wrestling company in Mexico [Nación Lucha Libre]. Great minds have helped shape me into the man I am today."

In regards to the recent crossovers between the MMA and pro wrestling worlds, Alberto says he is well aware that MMA fans don't think too highly of the world of pro wrestling and he's looking forward to representing wrestling in this fight with Tito Ortiz.

"Pro wrestling is, and will always be, the love of my life. It’s in my blood, my DNA," he said. "I hope wrestling fans choose to support me against an MMA fighter. Look at it like this—boxing and boxing fans look down on MMA and MMA fans. MMA and MMA fans look down on pro wrestling and pro wrestling fans. So if I don’t win, it’s also disappointing for wrestling fans. I will represent pro wrestling with pride in this fight."

The fight between Tito Ortiz and Alberto El Patron will take place live on pay-per-view on 12/7.

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