TAELER: Alexa Bliss Celebrates WWE Career Milestone

Earlier this month WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss had the distinct honor of adding yet another star-studded spectacular year to her already impressive career in the WWE. As of mid May 2021, the Raw Women's Division standout would come to see her seventh successful year in WWE. Celebrating her seventh year in WWE and well on her way to ten with the company, there is no end in sight to what Alexa Bliss can accomplish. As a women's wrestler myself, I cannot help but give immense appreciation and credit where its due. Alexa Bliss has been a mainstay star on WWE program that has risen to every challenge on each and every WWE branded program.

Seven years ago this month Alexa Bliss would find herself embarking on an incredible yet unfamiliar journey to which there's no official "how to" manual. The dream of million around the world. A profession where success is seldom guaranteed and some of the most unforgiving critics who've never set foot in the ring judge your every move, word, post, gear, and look. A world unto itself where millions of dollars are spent on minute by minute ratings that come down to the worth of the almighty dollar spent versus the return on its investment. A world where there are few main roster spots and even fewer opportunities to get it right without failing first. Lots of intense competition with renowned athletes. Learning to live in the spotlight under the umbrella of a PG program and all that that encompasses. Alexa Bliss would ultimately immerse herself in the world of Professional Wrestling as it relates to the WWE when she reported to the prestigious WWE Performance Center for the very first time. Little did she know where those doors would take her as she took her first steps through those doors as the future of the WWE.

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It's here where I first met Alexa Bliss. I happened to meet Alexa Bliss when I made my own first steps through those very doors. Her own WWE journey being on the cusp of making its own successful transition to the main roster. I met a passionate, fun-loving, hard-working woman. A vibe all her own that was contagious in the best of ways. Very similar and comparable to the way in which I met Lana. Both aiming to do better to achieve better and represent better. It's that conviction and dedication that I applaud as I know the painstaking sacrifices that entails. As someone once said, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little bit extra. It's that extra that the successful are willing to do that separates them from the rest. And Alexa Bliss is one that separates herself from the rest…

In her ever-evolving WWE career thus far, spanning a celebratory seven years, at just twenty-seven years old, Alexa Bliss has amassed a stellar list of impeccable accomplishments that speak to her own dedicated work ethic and trust equity that she's built with the WWE and the fans in the WWE Universe. Alexa Bliss herself has been highly praised and ranked in coveted positions several years in a row by both PWI and Sports Illustrated. In 2018 alone, PWI labeled Bliss #2, second to only Ronda Rousey. In a short couple years, she would become a three time Raw Women's Champion. A two time Smackdown Women's Champion where she began her main roster journey in 2016. Alexa Bliss would also add two runs as WWE Women's Tag Team Champion alongside another woman whom I adore, Nikki Cross. And adding even further credibility if all the aforementioned accolades weren't enough, Alexa Bliss notably became the second woman to be a WWE Triple Crown Champion, second to only to the inaugural Triple Crown Champion, Bayley.

As Alexa Bliss pushes forward in her WWE career pushing the PG envelope with her killer Sister Abigail character alongside The Fiend, I hope you'll join me in wishing much continued success to the WWE Superstar. As she approaches her twenty-eighth birthday later this year, one cannot help but see that there's so much more she is capable of achieving as she represents the promising future potential of WWE's Women's Divisions and speaks volumes to the doors she's helping to open up for the next generation of women that are looking to women like her for an excellent example of what I always say, "all you need is love, guts, and gumption. Self-love to realize that you and your dreams matter. Guts to go after your dreams and believe in yourself when no one else will. And gumption to see your dream through while cheering for yourself in the silence, letting your success be your noise…" To WWE's Alexa Bliss - cheers to seven successful years. And here's to many more!

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