Alexa Bliss Discusses Helping A Girl With An Eating Disorder On 'Fight Like A Girl'

Alexa Bliss has been open about her struggles with an eating disorder while growing up and now she's looking to help others who are struggling as well.

WWE partnered with Quibi to produce the series 'Fight Like A Girl,' which partners a WWE superstar with a young woman who is struggling. In the series, Alexa Bliss helps Holly, who is battling her own eating disorder.

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Speaking to Comic Book, Alexa discussed helping Holly through her struggles.

"What's crazy is when it came to the story with her, I'm not an emotional person by any means," Bliss said. "It's hard for me to... I don't know, I don't get choked up very easily, but when I saw her come out, I literally lost it. I started crying and I was so happy for her and just so proud of her. She's gone through a lot and even more than just her eating disorder. "I guess the biggest piece of advice I told her is that you can't let someone else determine your self-worth. And because she had gone through a lot of things with her boyfriend, her family, her job, where she was living, I had to tell her that you have to kind of be your own person and not let someone else determine your self-worth. You have to be willing to make a change. Because I've been through the mental struggles that she had gone through and I told her, 'You're not going to get help unless you really want to help yourself.' And that was the biggest thing for me, when I was going through my issues, a part of me during part of it, I didn't want help and I wasn't willing to get better than I was. And that's when everything changed."

She continued, discussing what it's like dealing with an eating disorder.

"The worst thing you can say to someone with an eating disorder is why don't you eat or just do this or just do that, because if we could, we would've," Bliss said. "I remember I wanted to get a hamburger, and it was an actual fear in my head to where I would literally shake because I was too afraid to put food in my mouth. It becomes this OCD obsession, addiction, fear, and it would literally cause me to have panic attacks and anxiety attacks. I think that's the misconception that people think that we just choose to do this. My eating disorder, it came from simple dieting. I wasn't trying to lose weight. I was just trying to get healthy. And then it became an addiction and obsession and my brain kind of took over and I didn't even notice what I was doing to myself. And I think people think that either women do it for attention or they choose not to eat, when that's not the case at all."

Four episodes of WWE's 'Fight Like A Girl' series are now up on Quibi. You can view them by clicking here.

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