Alexa Bliss Talks About Her Start In NXT

Alexa Bliss says that her current heel character in WWE is a departure from her real-life personality, but that it's also much more fun for her to portray.

During a recent interview with The Ottawa Sun newspaper, Bliss talked about her evolution from a fledgling babyface in NXT to her current role as a trash-talking heel on Smackdown.

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When I first debuted with NXT, I wore glitter, I wore a blue tutu, that was probably the closest thing to me as a real person,” she said. “In real life, I don’t act as mean as I do in the ring — that would get me in a lot of trouble. But the feeling is real when you’re out there and somebody says something about you, the reaction is real because you have to feel it. The meanness is not me, but probably everything else, yeah, that’s me."

Perhaps Bliss' most memorable moment as a heel on Smackdown to date came when she "welcomed" Becky Lynch back to WWE TV after a medical hiatus by painting a yellow streak down her back.

“It’s so much more fun getting people not to like you," she said. "You get to act ways you can’t act in public. It’s out of the box. It’s out of your realm. You get to try things. I study a lot of people and their mannerisms. If I see somebody do something I don’t like, I use that. I’m thinking if I don’t like it, I’m sure somebody else doesn’t like it either.

Currently, Bliss is gearing up to challenge Lynch for the Smackdown Women's Title on Dec. 4 at TLC.


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